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knower of sfx wrote:

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[quote]knower of sfx wrote:

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Nope what? I didn't say anything about cellulitis. I didn't even know what it was before this thread. Just seen too many family practice and ER docs fall back on stress fracture if any hs runner complains of some pain.


And runners love to say they have stress fractures because that's perceived as a *real* injury. Just look at this board. Tons of threads with "Oh, my foot hurts. Can it be a stress fracture? (please say yes...)". So everybody's happy with this diagnosis.

Stress fractures can only reliably be found with MRI. And that must be done at least a week after it happened.[/quote]

Agreed re the so called "stress facture". So where did those reports come from, saying the toe was a fracture? You think they made them themselves?[/quote]

If a patient complains about pain on the top of the foot, the quick diagnosis is a stress fracture. But the toe extensor tendons, those you see on the top of your foot when you extend your toes, are far more often the culprit. And these will be irritated by too narrow/small shoes. When RY started actually running, his feet probably expanded a lot, evidenced by the cutting of the front to accommodate his swollen toes.

Anyway, his feet were probably a mess and hurt everywhere when he saw the doctor. And when everything hurts and is swollen it's not possible to set a precise diagnose. If the patient *wants* an injury, he'll get it.[/quote]

Very True, a doctor would recommend RICE then check it after the swelling went down then a scan. He's probably following those orders, will see a doc back home.

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