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Just finished a 64 mile run
RE: Follow the money

what's next wrote:

[quote]The Sux wrote:
Boom! He will win in the court of public opinion.

Yep. Afraid so.

And media is hesitant to be too critical because they don't want to take a PR hit as if they're bashing good charity work. The articles in Outside and SI didn't accuse him of cheating. They only reported that questions were raised.

The general public doesn't know the difference between money for "awareness" and money for "research." They think it's all the same.

And even if clear video was released from inside the RV with him riding for miles down the road, most would say, Ah, it's close enough. What's the difference. Running 2788 miles or running 2767 miles. It's all for charity.

The public gives charity work the benefit of the doubt. Lance used this as his shield for years.[/quote]

Yep. This crowd will not sway the FB audience. His fans don't know any better and should probably be saved from themselves.We need a real publication to call him a liar. RW USA knows it but won't publish a direct call out. This is where Brothers Johnson can help by reaching out to present the evidence gathered here. If the ulist heroes would also say what they saw and know on record (the ulust knew this was bs long before LRC caught wind) that would be several reputable running sources telling the reporters that RY is simply incapable of running what the data shows.
It's a compelling story if others out there are doing similar 'charity' scams.

Kip Litton fabricating marathons is pretty entertaining and harmless. But this crew seems much closer to criminals, so I'm back in the game to volunteer data analysis help for whoever is putting up the website. If there's an image of his TomTom data from Asher's night, I think we can conclusively nail him there too with the tracker data, videos and his own words about the carwash.

Exposing his website from 2010 or whatever along with the fake cycling career might help get his book pulled.

Anyone have contacts with immigration or lawyers who look at fraud? Grifters like this ought to get sent right back home when they show up at customs. Maybe a pro would look at his finances to see just how he pays for these trips.

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