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RE: It happens.

Big Al wrote:

[quote]Trolling the trollers wrote:

[quote]doubler wrote:

[quote]Twitter is Fun wrote:

[quote]Doubler wrote:

[quote]Twitter is Fun wrote:

[quote]Doubler wrote:

Officially over.

Funny, I was blocked from Twitter. never wrote an article. was waiting to talk to Rob.

Pssst. You've been trolled.

lol @ the "investigator" You've been fooled...again. Great investigative skills.[/quote]

How have I been fooled? Sent initial email to the main contact in Rob's page..he copied Dustin in on our email thread. That email is directly from him. Keep trolling.[/quote]

Are you sure? You may want to double"r" check that. lol[/quote]

Worst attempt at trolling ever. That wasn't a random email. It was a direct response to an email I sent to Dustin and Oliver.[/quote]

Curious and don't want the thread to lose focus, but when was the last time DM ran a marathon? What kind of credentials does he have to be pointing fingers?

Is he just PO'd that so many people are doing what he can't? Does Derek live in his wife's basement? Derek said he was going to run with RY in Ohio, but could Derek keep up with RY on a slow day (assuming RY wasn't riding in the RV)?[/quote]

All these investigations by Derek are all well and good - but it never stops them.
Look at Parvaneh and larry macon. Full investigation, outed as cheats, and they just carry on. Nothing has changed.
The day Parvaneh was supposed to be travelling to the Everest marathon recently she put herself in the results yet again for one of her own marathons.
She has claimed hundreds of fake marathons and is still claiming she will get to 1,000 on dec 31.
So what was the point of the investigations?
Derek may well do a HUGE story on RY, but no-one will care. He will still carry on with his sponsors and fans and gofundme so he gets the public to pay for him.[/quote]

hi sadsack promoter of cheats!

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