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RE: from CoachKev

CoachKev wrote:

Much has been made of my silence recently so here is a short update for all

In the UK you are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

I support Rob as I believe in him and his abilities.

Am I so wrong to believe in someone. Ask yourselves would you not have the back of someone you believed in?

Someone I have seen run stupid distances with verified testimony from people I didn't know but have since come to know a little due to this run.

Andy handed over to me at mile 350 with three other runners and verified that he had run the last 60 miles with Rob.

Rob had similar people running with him throughout this epic run and all testify to its credibility.

If you look at this in an objective way it would be impossible to get 20+ pacers who have never met each other and never likely to meet again to corroborate together with a great lie.

I can testify that I took over at mile 350 and was there with Rob until mile 373.75 and saw the state he was in. Other people witnessed this including another pacer from mile 360 till finish and a few others who were involved.

I realise you all want video footage with GPS watches surgically attached to Rob's leg and at least 5 different TV companies following his every step but this wasn't possible to arrange. I'm sure even if this happened many of you would still not believe it.

I did ask you to join in and despite many threats of "boots on the ground" it appears that hardly any of you did. If you had you could comment with conviction like I do

I also FULLY understand how many people and questioning Rob and his past results.

I can only post on my experience of running with him on two occasions. In both I saw a man of great strength and ability.

There was no Strava, no GPS, no cameras but I was there and you were not. It is this first hand experience that allows me to back my horse.

Those who paced Rob are just normal runners with no vested interest in anything other than supporting someone who asked for some help.

Personally I have helped a number of people who have asked in a variety of ways and some I have never met and others I have paced.

For those who don't understand ultra running if some one asks for a pacer and you can help then many of us do just that. We run, for the love of running and to help others achieve their goal.

I know you are all desperate to prove Rob as a cheater and that's up to you.

I continue to support the person I believe in whether that is a crazy action or not.

With regard to this challenge I was not there so cannot comment with certainty. I believe Rob not only had the ability but also the drive to complete it.

There are questions to be answered and I am just as eager as you all are to get answers.

Despite what you might think of me I am not a delusional person who worships at Rob's alter.

I do have the balls to post as myself and not hide behind a keyboard. It's a real pity many of you prefer to hide, I can say happily that I didn't choose the cowards option.

Some people I have discussed things with in an adult way and others have taken the cowards route.

I would ask that you respect my decision to back Rob as much as I respect your choice to doubt.

To continue to troll me and my family really isn't acceptable and this who do so should be ashamed.

This really isn't that important in the scheme of things so please refrain from any more personal attacks on Andy, myself and others involved in the pro Rob camp.

We are just supporting someone we believe in and do not deserve the treatment received.

I have tried to be nice and to respond in the best way possible so let's just say that you guys have got your way, Rob has stopped his run so let's all get back to our lives and focus on the real issues in life.

I wish you all well and hope that none of you take offence in my words.

I'm off for a run and hope you do too. It does wonders for relieving stress

No, Kev, you're not supporting 'someone you believe in,' you're supporting someone who's been proven to be an absolute GIGANTIC HONKING FRAUD.

This makes you either: a) a massive liar, or b) an incredible idiot.

Take your pick.

And every time you try to divert the argument by calling the people exposing Robby for what he is 'cowards,' and all manner of other grade-school idiocy,
you only make yourself look even dumber, and even more dishonest, than you already did.

Is this really too tough for you to understand?

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