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RE: Investigate RY's London Times

Maker_of_Website wrote:

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I made a post about RY's desert day. I'm not sure I've read every single post here, but AFAIK this is the most concrete cheating data for the transcon.

I need to get a life now, but if Blogger allows access for others to post or someone else wants to help make this a hub for analyses, contact me. That google doc y'all made is great though. Just though this could be a nice format to link off to if people are contacting media, etc etc.

Post it here. We're not interested in supporting your stupid personal blog.[/quote]

"post it here" - STFU - did you even bother to check out what he put together? It's all been posted here but it's not organized in any way, shape or form. LRC is really good at some things and horrible at others. This blog is good and organizing and summarizing, and it's well done. Why don't you go over there and check it out. Plenty of time before mom calls you up for dinner.

Now, having said that, I would say that what the blog is missing is proper attribution to LRC that's really where all the work was done and this is only really a good summary of that work. Also missing is the critical piece of the story where, when team geezer showed up and was watching, thus forcing him to run every step, his body and mind could not ultimately deliver the goods.

So, to do:

1. Attribution and links back to LRC
2. Completing the story when ultralist team geezer showed up.

That is all for now.[/quote]

Added credit where credit is due. I can't re-read 315 pages so somebody give names/direct links if you want me to change it.

This was just supposed to be about May 18 and it took me way to long. Is there a nice summary of daily mileage/daily time spent moving? Could make a brief thing about pre/post team geezer. Otherwise I think I have to move on with my life...[/quote]

Not worth reading all the pages but at minimum a single link to this thread would be proper; maybe a link to the google doc(you may already have that, didn't notice). Some of the LRC tech names I recall are 113, just finished a 64mi run, team1.kml...there were many others too, sorry I'm missing some; also, a shout out to Asher, it's his thread afterall. Key thing with laz/rayk/team geezer is that they know what kind of effort this takes and didn't believe the claims and thus crowdfunded a trip to observe 24/7 to keep him honest - and about 5 days of honesty is all he could muster until physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually he just broke down.

Thanks for pulling this together.

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