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why I despise ultra runners:

Bob Hearn wrote:

Nice post just now on the UL.


Perhaps a waste of time; perhaps off-base, but...

Dear Mr. Young,

Now that your USA transcon record attempt is over, I would like to share a
few thoughts with you.

Whether you know it or not, whether you understand it or not, you were given
a great gift. You just received perhaps the best introduction to and
coaching for multiday running that anyone could wish for. I'd venture that
any ultrarunner at all interested in running multidays would give
practically anything to have Gary Cantrell, Ray Kroelwicz and Bill Schultz
spend a week watching them run and giving their help and advice.

By the accounts they have shared, you are an ultrarunner with real ability,
and with real heart and determination. By their accounts, you could be
pretty good at multiday running if you showed up to some races and worked at
it. Also by their accounts though, you are not the ultrarunner you have
claimed to be. Few of us who do these things were surprised to learn that.
Your claims were incredible and they were not believed by those who know
(except for a few of the most accepting, trusting souls among us).

You were given a great gift. You also now have a great opportunity.

I do not know what demons drove you to fabricate these incredible stories of
your life. Ultrarunning is a sport liberally populated by people running
from demons though - a great collection of misfits of one sort or another.
You have come to one of the most open and accepting communities on this
planet. You may not think so right now, after the blistering you have taken
in the past few weeks. We are tough on those who cut corners, on those who
try to claim the honor without suffering in the trenches with everyone else,
but (even now) if you simply put that behind you and show up at some races
as the regular guy that you are, run with us, suffer with us, and show us
your real heart, you will be accepted among us. Perhaps not by all, but
certainly by many. You will find support and encouragement among us, and you
will earn respect for what you have really done. Though I can only really
speak for myself, I do believe these things to be true.

My hope is that this appeals to you. By all accounts you are an extremely
nice and likeable guy, and I believe I would enjoy meeting you, and perhaps
sharing some time running in endless circles with you somewhere. I hope you
will consider giving us a try.

Yours very sincerely,
Patrick McHenry
Jamesville, NY USA

What a piece of emotional crap! Are you and the author so gullible that you think RY and his gang will suddenly come clean? Or are you just trying to profile yourselves as Great Humans?

The ultra community: "the most open and accepting communities on this planet." Your self-indulgence is repugnant. I hope RY and other fraudsters continue to swindle you and drag your hobby through the mud. With the ridiculous naiveness you display you deserve every ounce of it.

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