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i hate cheats
He ran London twice and Brighton Marathon once. Those look legit. Most other races and runs have sketchy data or nothing that you can verify, at least that I know of. Maybe someone in the UK knows some of those results better.

Much of RY's sham appears to be distortions and exaggerations of something lesser he had done. I think he ran long for his 370 "marathons" in a year, but maybe not all 26 miles or in the times he claims. His extraordinary PR's are probably splits or distortions like the 10K, which again probably wasn't invented out of thin air. He probably exaggerated the distance of that 7K split. I wonder if his 68 "half" was actually a ten mile or 15K race, but that's pure speculation. I think he went a long ways for the non-stop run, but probably far less than 373.

I'm still not sure what's the story about his cycling. Somehow I think he probably had some connection, maybe briefly, with some team, but not A level and maybe only on training rides, and has exaggerated it. I don't know much about cycling to know.

Kip Litton invented an entire marathon, the West Wyoming Marathon. And created a whole list of names to be in the results.

RY's MO tends to be exaggeration and distortion, not pure fabrication like Kip and the West Wyoming Marathon.

Just my speculation and interpretation. Don't cite me on any of this. And exaggeration and distortion is still cheating and fraud, especially when you're promoting it this way for charity.

The transcon record was massive blatant cheating, especially early in the remote US west. It does border on invention out of thin air since he was probably only running a fraction of the miles each day. Certainly less than half, probably less than a third or fourth. Blatant distortion and cheating.

Again, don't cite me on any of this. This is just my interpretation as I try to fairly weigh the data and evidence.

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