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But honestly, these races were all point to point and I assume he didn't have a personal RV. So I have no idea how he would have cheated.

I managed the calendar for the Marathon Maniacs for a bunch of years. Was asked to list sketchy (and sometimes fake) events All. The. Time to help legitimize someone's attempt to boost numbers. I had to develop my own bullshit filter over the years. I was asked several times to list the races in last year's run across the US... as individual races, btw... which I didn't do because it didn't really pass the sniff test of a normal race/races. HOWEVER, they did indeed document what they did very well as they went and it never seemed to be fake. It was just mostly ignorable... until now. As with the 'calling attention to oneself' aspect of the western portion of this year's run, the business where he made it from Alabama to London and back is flat out weird. And ran a 3:09. I guess he did. It's documented. In the end, I don't think you'll find much fire there, just some smoke. But we DO see the developing "I'm a rock star" pattern. That costs a shitload of money to enact.

Anyway, the Letsrun Detective Squad did a phenomenal job at outting Kip Litton pretty decisively. But even with Kip, the greatest detectives on earth never figured out how he was doing some of those houdini acts during individual races. And it didn't matter.

There's a lot of this one you'll (we'll) just never know. Like how he actually got to Laughlin. Same thing with the race across the US. If he or others skipped some miles, you'll probably never figure out how they did it. Unless Roger the Truck Driver steps up and said he gave rides and has dashcam video.

But it won't matter. Didn't matter with Kip. Plenty of Nope to be had.

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