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go long
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
So he hurt the toe 2.5 weeks ago. Looked at the blog to around May 31 to see if anything stood out.

May 30 "Today was fairly uneventful . . . . That afternoon we stopped after a good day’s 70+ miles running and got the permission of a family to park in their considerable yard. They also allowed us to use their shower and do our laundry, and get a quick game of football on, so by the time we left later that evening we were rejuvenated, clean and ready for the road ahead."

May 31 "Day 18 had us heading toward a massive electrical storm in the distance. Though we followed it for 30+ miles we never actually reached it though, passing it on our right in the end. After another night’s progress we made it into the state of Kansas and the town of Syracuse by 9:30am and got some breakfast in the Black Bison pub. It was hot again today and after eating Rob ran for a little while longer before stopping. Kansas was as expected so far, acres of farmland in all directions, unremarkable landscape. Rob had already run 75+ miles so a few hours later we pulled over by the roadside and watched another movie on the DVD player and got some more food inside us and a few hours sleep."

June 1 "Day 19 started with us being woken up by a cop, wondering if we were OK. We’ve had about 15 conversations with cops so far, most of which have been along the lines of, ‘Is everything OK? Are you guys alright?’. This guy was the same, a good guy just checking if we were in any need. . . . By the time the dawn came Rob had run well and it was more walking and running for the rest of the day. . . . After covering 76+ miles we pulled over outside a church for a few hours rest to eat some more and watch another movie, ‘Abel’s Field’ this time. I do not recommend it."

Nothing stood out. Nothing unusual. You know, your usual, 70, 75, 76 miles of running. Also time for restaurants, movies, laundry, shower, game of football.

So I'm guessing turf toe.

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