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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

T BONE wrote:

Serious question, can't someone 'walk' 50 miles a day?

I could probably walk a marathon in under 7 hours pretty easily. So I could walk 50 miles in around 14 hours. That leaves 8 hours for sleeping too. Are his 40 mile days just moreso rest?

Exactly bro! Some fossil next to me at work is an ultra-geezer. I'm like, "I am so impressed that you walked for the better part of a day, on a full nights sleep with two one hour meal breaks, SAID NO ONE EVER!" LOL!

While we're asking, who can't jog a sub 4 mile?

I mean, a half decent high school kid can run 100M in under 11 seconds. 14 seconds per 100 is like 30% slower. Who can't hold a 70% effort for a couple minutes? A old woman, maybe? Man, there are youtube videos of 300 pound guys running 13s for the 100. LOL!

So you just run 14 second 100s, which is losing-to-an-old-fat-slob slow, LOL. It's easy peasy. You just do 16 of those and that's a 3:44. Plus you get a flying start on 15 of them so it's REALLY easy. A lot of the energy in the first one is just getting up to speed - then you're just coasting.

If you need 3:59 to waddle a mile didn't you moreso take a rest in the middle for like 15 seconds? LOL!!!

I could probably jog a mile in 3:15 pretty easily. Under 3 if I didn't do the take-a-15-second-rest thing.

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