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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Just finished a 64 mile run wrote:

[quote]rojo wrote:

So a guy who was well on his way to smashing the WR until Asher posted on letsruncom is now suddently a rookie who is just learning how to be a multi-day runner?

That post is more damning than anything.

I don't agree that the crew "has been very open". Release the watch files.

I think we all need to read between the lines on the ultra guys witness accounts. I'm interpreting their latest reports as calling the earlier parts a sham without outright saying so. They know RY, like him and are watching him gut out miles in a way they relate to. It's different than posting anonymously on a message board. You could pay someone in Indy $1000 to go stick a camera in RY's face and confront him with obvious questions, but I don't think it's necessary at this point. Since he went under observation, does anyone here have any doubts about the earlier stretches?

The ultra guys didn't go in for blood right away because they appear to be much more patient and knew something that his board largely didn't (myself included)--that stringing 50+ mile days together is very challenging and takes a huge toll even if it seems like pure walking, and the 70+ mile days strung together in the mountains was as absurd as the shorter stretches we've pointed out. I think that's why they don't want to touch the watch. Observing him for a week would answer all their questions, just like you watching him try to run 15 miles at 6:00 pace in his current condition would answer all of yours.[/quote]

Paragraph 2 is very well put and very insightful and in a way that I think a LRC reg should understand. That's exactly what's happening. It may take him longer to crack than LRC would like but crack he will. He may indeed finish out the journey but not at the pace he needs to. There may be a 60mi day to come but don't be fooled, he's done - it's just going to happen much more slowly than you are accustomed to(or would like). Sure it would have been nice to have started this observation sooner but it is what it is and I'm confident that we'll see that the observation started soon enough.

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