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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

JB1983 wrote:

[quote]ThunderThighs wrote:

[quote]Answer.... wrote:

Therefore, what is weird/rare about that photo to me - is that a person who had suffered childhood trauma by specifically being zipped into a suitcase (a memory strong enough to mention and write about as the specific abuse they suffered) would find it funny and enjoyable to recreate that experience. It is of course possible the situation left no lasting effect on him, but then it is strange that he specifically talks about it.

The simpler explanation is that everything Rob Young has written or said about his childhood is completely made up. It was all just a bunch of lies to sell some books and make money from sponsorship. You don't need to be a doctor to see that.[/quote]

or it could be you that needs the help, thundercvnt,,,, for your own poor outlook on life and distrust of someone you dont even know.[/quote]

I do not know Mr. Thunder Thighs, but, I would tend to agree with his assessment. The most plausible explanation is almost always the correct one. Not always of course. But the explanation that he did not suffer the specific trauma claimed makes the most sense in this situation over a story that the experience left a deep impact on him yet he finds it fun to repeat the experience.

I should say, if you add in a history of tall tales and falsehoods, the likelihood of this story also being false increases and lends strength that most plausible explanation as the correct explanation. Still, I'm not saying it's beyond the realm of possibility, it's just seems unlikely. However, I will stick with the position that it is just very strange behaviour in the circumstances.

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