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rules is rules
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
49 Miles for the day.[/quote]

Once again the main man comes back at you all! You must be pig sick as so many of you predicted his demise for so many days. Crying out about his mental state and health and slating his past once again.

I should point out that Skins is Rob's preferred clothing for this little run and he has mostly white clothing for the day runs to keep off the sun and black clothing which is compression for the evening runs to preserve and help his legs. This is one forgotten reason why he was in black that night at the garage.

I'll give some of you lot one thing..........there are a few of you that have a good sense of humour and the 'banter' is not bad.

Pity it's let down by the judgemental ones who of course have never ever done anything wrong in their entire lives. I wish I could be an amazing as you hallowed ones.

Isn't it interesting to see the dodgy geezer Asher try to back track on his lies in the latest articles. Trouble is he is this deep in his lie he has to try to keep on lying as he knows his evidence is total BS.

As far as Marcus goes he is now posting more on here as he is being villified on Ultralist due to his awful comments about Rob's past and it's only in here that he gets the audience he so desperately craves.

The people on ultra list are at least ultra runners and know a little about this great sport. What a pity so many of you haven't got a clue and stoop to such low levels in your comments.

For those that do know about this sport I don't have an issue with your doubts and understand them fully, the rest are......

I realise many of you think it's just fun and 'banter' but you don't think about how awful it would be if an entire section of people suddenly turned on you for no decent reason and began to discredit your entire life and question everything about you. Just sit back for one moment and ponder that and think before you post vile things about another human.

Remember this is just a little run and not life or death. There are far more important things to be getting upset about than whether Rob can run fast or slow.

As far as "The Kids" go, this really gets my goat and I'm not going to have a rant but i'm going to point a few things out. This is a run to raise awareness and money for three charities. Two of these charities are American.

This limey is coming to your fecking country to raise money for your fecking children, and you complain!

You couldn't write a comedy about that even if you tried.

Can I suggest that for every person who has written a bad comment that you pledge to donate $1.00 if Rob succeeds in this challenge and to double it if he is proven to have done it without cheating.

I'll wager that I won't get a single person to pledge that.

I'll donate $1.00 for every positive comment i've made on here, Ultra Running Community and on FB if Rob is shown to have cheated or if he fails to complete the challenge.

I'm putting my money where the sausage rolls are and it's treble espresso's with ice cream on top for my horse in this race from now on.

The finish line is beckoning and Rob is defying you afraid as the Brits are coming!

If you don't know what fecking is or banter is just ask any knowledgable Irishman or Englishman and ask them in the rub a dub dub over a nice drop of King Lear whilst discussing the next Captain Cook from this Bacardi Breezer

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