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Roadkill Wannabe
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Tom Crockford wrote:

[quote]The Other Ultraboy wrote:

"It's clear it is RY."

In what parallel universe are you living? A guy in black with no reflective strips at night carrying what (given that it appears to throw no light on the ground) looks like a mobile phone in his hand walking extremely slowly for someone supposedly early in a day of running for the record across America is clearly RY? This is why Asher asked Rob and his team for details of what he was supposed to be wearing, only for them to provide nothing until after they had seen the video. It certainly doesn't strike me as likely that it is RY, at that pace in those clothes, at that point in his run so far behind the support vehicle that was itself travelling far too slow given he wasn't there. The excuses coming from the team look desperate, they make no logical sense.

Considering there is a blog post made many days before showing RY in a full black outfit at night with a torch in his hand... [/quote]

So who in their right mind runs on unknown roads at night, in the hot Kansas weather, in full black, with no reflective markers, flashers or anything? Oh, apparently Rob Young. Has the man never heard of the word, "safety?" I guess not, considering how he was running on those busy highways with vehicles zipping by so fast!
Would he not run at least near his RV? Apparently his crew loses him, or he doesn't tell them where he is going and he loses them. Naturally they speed off, leaving him to suffer the wrath of Axeman Asher.

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