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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

1 2 3 green wrote:

[quote]1 2 3 green wrote:

So my deduction:
The 3:42min run has a big ole gap in the middle, paused while taking a ride in the RV, and is why it is conveniently cut off.
7:30 departure + 0:48 run (4.6mi) + 1:42 run (10mi) + 0:10 RV ride (10mi) + 2:00 run (12mi) = 12:15 arrival and 36 miles covered.


Dmulvee wrote:

I don't understand why he would have done this. Surely travelling at 60 mph would be obvious on his GPS? Even Guinness would want to understand why he is doing miles in a minute.
What you are saying ties up, but surely he couldn't hope to get away with this? I understand him being in the back of a vehicle and it going at 7 mph (it sounds ridiculous), he could hope to get away with that.

What i'm guessing is that the GPS watch was paused while he rode in the RV so it didn't show a 60mph segment. I'm thinking it showed a gap or some other anomaly on the map so he cut it off. Probably a straight line with no time or distance associated from where he paused to where he started again.[/quote]

This makes sense. But then he ran 10 miles less than he was claiming. This isn't a big issue as he was claiming to be aiming for 3000 miles (over 200 hundred more than was required) and so wouldn't have expected people to be looking for a missing 10 miles in the desert. But the time stamp of the photo at the pool screwed this up. Whilst the blog had the extra 10 miles, what he submitted to the Guinness people wouldn't have had this (and I doubt they would use google maps and check that there wasn't a missing section). However because he hasn't ran the full way, his attempt is void for record purposes, which is why he can't upload his data.

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