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Asher Delmott
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Just finished a 64 mile run wrote:

This is all adding up with Asher's account, the video in Emporium and RY team's explanation for the carwash. I'm putting a * by the points where I'm guessing what I believe to be the simplest explanation. Hopefully Asher can respond.

1) RY gets dropped off the back of the RV in Emporium according to his own team, apparently unable to keep up with the tracker moving at ~10 mph.

2) He walks past the CCTV after the RV passes, again according to his own team (can we get the FBI to look at this video please?). He calls them for help and they return back, which matches the tracker data.

3) The RV takes off eastbound after the rendezvous at ~10 mph towards Lebo. It maintains this speed until the encounter with Asher.

4) Asher drives past the RV head on and sees no runner. He turns around and drives past the RV from behind and films video #1 with no one outside the RV.

5) Asher stops east of the RV (still west of Fauna), films video #2 as the RV catches up with no apparent runner outside the RV. Asher approaches the RV moving at 'running speed' on foot from behind a house and causes confusion/fear in the RV*. Everything is still west of Fauna Rd here. The RV slows to see what the heck is the lone strobe light trailing them. Someone gets out, freaks, and they speed off (hence the slower pace at the 1:50 check in. Asher runs back to his car.

6) The RV drives ahead turns around in the road just east of Old Fauna as Asher runs back.

7) RY and gang realize the bunny woman surprised them at night and don't want to get busted.* Asher drives by and sees them outside the RV at this point. Asher takes screenshot from his phone of the live tracker. There is a tracker point in the kml file on line 1660, 1661 and screen shot from Asher's phone at exactly the same spot at 2:10 AM. If RY is here at that intersection, he got here at slowest from the rendezvous in Emporium where the RV turned back east at line 1662 by traveling 16.1 mi at 6:40 pace. I'd love to hear another explanation.

Asher, the tracker data shows the rendezvous point in Emporium during the back track was likely at the corner of Homewood and HWY 50.

8) RY walks for a bit in case a runner is showing up.* Asher drives ahead and hides for the final video. We can only guess his pace, but if he's indeed the guy walking in the CCTV video at 20 min/mile, the RV data from this time is reasonably close.

9) No one shows up to run with them and all clear is given. The tracker is really crazy here. It goes very slow for 12 minutes then picks back up to 10 mph cruising speed (the same speed we have 3 videos of with no runner in sight) past Garner Rd where Asher films video #3 again with no apparent runner.

IMO the videos and both accounts are absolutely damning to RY in this case if his own explanation for getting dropped in Emporium is true. Asher filmed the RV in a stretch where (by his RW interview) RY was supposedly right with it during that 16.1 mile stretch at ~6:40 pace (the first 15.3 mi in 6:15 pace heading to Fauna and 50), the same pace he was apparently dropped at an hour earlier. There's no other way he got there as he claimed he was in the RW interview other than running that fast if he met the RV at the point it turned back east after it backtracked to find him in Emporium.

Either the RV went back to Emporium and found RY after the emergency phone call, then IMMEDIATELY dropped him again such that Asher never saw him. And he subsequently ran past Asher (at surely a sub 6 pace) to get to the corner of Fauna and 50. OR he outran the RV significantly out of Emporium during that stretch such that Asher never saw him or captured him on video. Where was he if not inside the RV? The only explanations left to me are that the tracker is completely wrong (making the entire thing a sham), Asher somehow fabricated all of this, RY was running in a field to the intersection of 50 and Fauna, or he rode in the RV.

Yep, that sounds about right to me.

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