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truth will out
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Tom Crockford wrote:

[quote]The Scot wrote:

[quote]Tom Crockford wrote:

[quote]SloughRunner wrote:

[quote]Tom Crockford wrote:
Even the video is a joke and it's clear it is RY.

If Rob Young made a contribution to get people running parkruns etc: good. It doesn't mean that the non-devotees cannot have a critical look at some of the claims that have been made by him or his team.[/quote]

Im not a fan of RY at all and if he has cheated then he deserves to be outed, I am happy to wait for his times and explanations.

But the pulling apart of his life, his wife, his child and all the needless personal attacks about his past and pathetic attempts at trying to make out everything he does or has done is a fraud is all totally unnecessary. Saying his charity is fraud when its clearly not.

The stalking and just general weirdness of some of the members on here is too much.

So much bitterness and jealousy also present.[/quote]

Yes or no depending on exactly you are referring to. Some of his claims about past running achievements sound very dubious and that makes me treat his current endeavour with a lot of suspicion. The past family history is something that I stay well clear of but remember, that was a story he brought up not us.[/quote]

Yes, I can see there are genuine people in here with genuine concerns over his times and past times. This is understandable.The rest, there is no excuse or need for it.

If I was him, I would also not release times or answer questions until I had finished. Even if he does release times and they all seem legit, the people in here would still tear him to shreds over something else and try and make further accusations, ask 50 questions a minute or poke holes in anything,[/quote]

There is every need for it since Rob put himself in this position of being hailed a hero in a very public way - happy to do interviews and accept all sorts of money to help his quest and charity for his causes.

If he is found out to be a fraudster then this isn't just fraud in terms of his times but in terms of actually obtaining money on false grounds. A full ennquiry should then be performed to establish exactly how much money he has taken on this false basis and exactly where it has gone.

If indeed he has been found to have obtained such money on false grounds, there may well be grounds here for criminal prosecution. An example should be made of him to deter anyone else from having the brass neck to repeat something on this scale again.

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