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rules is rules
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
From my perspective I see Asher posting under an unregistered name - same as me before you say anything. This in itself is enough to cause doubt as to his credibility.

he records some dodgy footage to suit himself, say he ran to meet the van but didn't record any of that approach or even of him attempting to run to the van. If he is such a super detective why not get more footage to back up his claim of even attempting to join this challenge.

Amateur is too small a word. childish is better in terms of this attempt at bringing down this runner

He then records some footage from the garage and claims the RY wasn't there.

then he says OH i'm sorry there is someone there.

then he realises that RY team have got the footage so he quickly releases his before them to attempt to gain some credibility not realising that RY team probably have their request for footage recorded well before he did.

Asher has proven nothing apart from stirring up a hornets nest of speculation and hatred.

I'm sure if anyone of the LR people who have talked the big talk about following this could also go and film a little bit of footage where RY isn't actually in shot. This has no bearing at all and is not true evidence of any kind.

Asher you have been been rumbled NOT RY now give it up and confess to your sins.

Imagine how dumb you will look when all this turn out to be a sham on your part and how all you haters who posted things like "I bet he will stop now" and "He won't finish this and will be injured" etc etc.

Yet he is still going and all the while being watched and scrutinised by Laz your running god who you also take great joy in knocking.

All you so called experts can eat my pantaloons as Bart would say

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