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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
'Rob said: “I was over 15st and a bit chubby before I started doing this but I’m down to around 12st.'

Don't forget he was chubby and 15 stones (210 pounds) when he ran his first three marathons in 30 hours, the fastest at 3.19

curiously interersted wrote:

[quote]areaIpersson wrote:


*Andy Persson*

- Yeah, but his claims for his first three marathons are unbelievable. Meaning I couldn't do that and no one I know could. But lets say 99.999% of people couldn't but the 0.001%, by some evolutionary hiccup, do have that capability. That would mean in the UK 600 people could. Maybe one of them went out and found they had an unusual capacity for running and recovery and decided to just keep going for the rest of the year covering 373 marathons and ultras in that time.

Andy, I'll address the issue about his book since I've been the main one posting about that. I won't repeat what I've posted at length elsewhere in this long thread. Below are the links for anyone who wants to reread the issues about the book.

Regarding his claims of running his first 3 marathons ever in a 30-hour period of time and getting progressively FASTER (4:07, 3:28, 3:19):

And my response to CoachKev who disagreed with my post:

But as it turned out there were more problems to his claim in the book regarding his first 3 marathons once his mapmyrun data was discovered. It didn't match. The courses didn't match at all. The witnesses (Eva & Joanna) that allegedly observed these personal marathons could not have been positioned where he claims in the book. And his mapmyrun data clearly states his 4:07 was his "SECOND MARATHON IN A [DAY]," not his first. I explain that here:

Initially, it seemed that every time I fact-checked something RY claimed, it turned up distorted or exaggerated. Although when I rechecked his book regarding what I thought was a contradiction in his backstory about either being (1) a highly-competitive endurance athlete, or (2) couch potato to instant marathoner, I discovered that I had been too influenced my media articles that over-simplified his story. In his book, RY clearly states that his endurance fitness had lapsed for seven years (even though he downplays #1 in the book). I admitted that misunderstanding on my part here (but I don't know how many read that because things get quickly buried in this thread):

So in summary, as it still stands there are problems and issues reconciling his own mapmyrun data with his own claims in the book. And I do not buy the claim that he ran 4:07, 3:28, 3:19 in that order, on a whim, untrained, in a 30-hour period of time. That's not a rare, exceptional, superhuman thing that is possible as you argue. I don't think you could take an untrained Kalenjin kid in Kenya and pull off a 78-mile stunt like that getting progressively faster.

It is wrong to think RY has faked his entire running career and credentials. And it would be naive to assume everything is truthful as well. Neither position is helpful or productive. Too many on letsrun think everything is a fake. And too many of RY's supporters think everything is absolute truth (and usually based on anecdotal evidence, personality claims, or brief encounters). The truth, I think, is somewhere in the middle, which makes everything open to question until it can be verified.[/quote]

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