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The Donger
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
The issue is not if he is running legit now. Of course he is... Though today's 9 miles in 30 min needs explaining. With all the scrutiny you don't where the GPS tracker?

The issue is his 5:30-6:00 min miles for 25 straight. A 3 hour break. Then 25 more at 5:30-6:00.

It's the claim of racking up 70+ mile days at that pace. Every day.

Ita not if he walked past a car wash or is running now or if ultra people suck or not. It is that he did something out of the realm of reality. Yet some people believe it true.

In the first thread Asher said he drove 2 miles past the RV to make sure he wasn't behind. Nothing. Drove ahead snd did a second drive by. Nothing.

The guy believes you don't need to run the whole way. That was posted here. So they drove an extra X miles at night thinking no one would watch them at 2 am.

The worst part of this story is not the cheating from day 1-21. It's the shit planning that has this guy running down interstates. If Alton Brown of the food network can motorcycle across the country with hitting a major highway these guys can.

How this plays out:
They finish. Don't give data (cheater rule #1 deny, deny, deny) and let it be forgotten. Then in a year or so the "record" will be awarded or not.

If you are going to cheat... Be good at it.

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