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RE: Latest from Laz

pride comes before the fall wrote:

[quote]JB1983 wrote:

I also agree with Laz: I wouldn't release any information to the lets run crowd either. After all the name calling and such: Let 'em stew.


this right here, people on here seem to think they matter... when they are no one.

That was Mike Rossi's attitude towards Letsrun as well. In his mind, we were just "12 skinny little girls", posting under various handles. Try googling "Mike Rossi" now and see what this site has done to the man's reputation. Letsrun also took down Kip Litton and exposed Paul Ryan as having lied about his marathon time.

Letsrun didn't destroy Mike Rossi because he cheated in a marathon. Carl Price was a serial cheater, outed by this forum, and his thread died down quickly, and without much fuss because he manned up and admitted that he did something stupid. Mike Rossi and Kip Litton were crucified because they couldn't bring themselves to publicly admit to making a mistake and chose instead to attack and threaten those who dared question their running abilities.

This thread is still in its initial research phase, where posters are gathering and analyzing all of the evidence. The next phase will begin when one of the brojos likely writes an article, detailing all of the evidence that Robert Young has embellished and lied about some of his past achievements and could not have run the times that he did on the first half of his trip. There may be a large monetary challenge, in support of a children's charity, for Robert Young to hold sub-6 minute per mile pace for 40 miles, or something similar.

When Wejo published his article on Rossi, many other media sources took notice and followed up with articles critical of Rossi, culminating with him being named Philadelphia's biggest loser of 2015 in a year-end article.

Robert Young and his team don't know what they're in for if they underestimate this forum. Their pathetic excuses are not going to stand up to scrutiny once all of the evidence, along with their contradictions, is synthesized into a well-written article that gets picked up by other media sources. At that point Robert and team will not only have to face the fact that they cheated, they will also have to own up to the fact that they lied to all of their supporters, making them look like fools.

A word to the wise: come clean now. It will get much worse in the coming weeks and months.[/quote]

You're 100% right about this.

I would even argue that it's ALREADY too late to come clean and that his reputation is already damaged beyond repair. Coming clean would destroy everything he's built in terms of a following, his reputation, and his business. Refusing to come clean results in the surgical dissection of his credentials that you described.

The ONLY thing that can save Robert Young at this point is verifiable GPS data made available for the entire public to see. That data exists, but it will never see the public eye because it would expose his cheating.

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