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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

elephino wrote:

[quote]contradiction wrote:

[quote]HobbyJ wrote:

It also appears that they've now changed their story and are using the new video to claim that Rob was well behind the RV when Asher first came up on them near Lebo later that night. Initially, the story (captured on the video explanation) was that RY had been running with the RV and jumped in when they were afraid that they were about to be assaulted by a knife-weilding yank. So which is it?

They also claim to have the phone number of the stranger and barmaid - what we have been asking Laz to get - to confirm the story. Yes, please do that!

Or...Just post the freaking data for the trip from Bannock to Laughlin.

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this!

Not sure what you're referring to. The surveillance video and the Asher encounter were several hours apart. Have they said that Rob was well behind the RV again when the Asher encounter happened, which was several hours later than the video?

Their stories have changed and don't make any sense, but I didn't catch that change if they said it.[/quote]

IIRC, "Michael" posted a video to their FB earlier, claiming that Rob was just on the other side of the RV or something, and they got scared, and all drove away together.

Now, the recent FB post with the surveillance footage says:

"Though this individual has posted video footage of our vehicle online as he drove past, for some reason he felt unwilling to ask us to stop, to enquire where Rob was when he couldn't see him. If he had done so he would have been welcomed in and been able to discover the facts."

And goes on the elaborate that the facts are that the RV has driven too fast and left Rob behind.

Maybe I'm confused but these sound like contradictory statements. Probably his crew is confused... After all they are doing all this BS, handling the controversy about as gracefully as monkey Fing a football, when a very elegant solution requiring 10s and an index finger exists - "Sync to Strava".

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