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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Zombie wrote:

[quote]team1.kml wrote:

Sorry for reposting this summary, but I want to be clear (times are CST):
June 4
22:26 GPS check-in entering Emporia, 10:00 pace
22:36 RV goes by the car wash in Emporia
22:38 GPS check-in near Mr. G's car wash, 6:12 pace
22:44 walker with light swinging in hand by car wash, 20-min pace?
22:50 GPS check-in just past Commercial St, 5:57 pace
23:02 GPS check-in just out of town, 6:06 pace
23:14 GPS check-in approaching Rd R1, 6:38 pace
23:26 GPS check-in near Badger Creek, 8:11 pace
23:38 GPS check-in near Rd U, 8:54 pace

Shortly after this, RV is headed back towards Emporia.

23:50 GPS check-in (headed west), 2:57 pace
June 5
00:02 GPS check-in (headed west), 19:54 pace
I think likely they had turned around by this point, hence the slow pace, they are headed back east. The rest of the check-ins are heading east (paces approximate).
00:14 GPS check-in, 6:04 pace
00:26 GPS check-in, 6:17 pace
00:38 GPS check-in, 6:10 pace
00:50 GPS check-in, 6:43 pace
01:02 GPS check-in, 6:21 pace
01:14 GPS check-in, 6:21 pace
01:26 GPS check-in, 5:39 pace
01:38 GPS check-in, 6.19 pace
01:45 Asher 1-45-am-pic.png
01:46 Asher 1-46-am-vid.mp4 (he passes him from behind, no obvious runner)
01:50 GPS check-in, 15:36 pace
01:53 Asher 1-53-am-pic.png
01:53 Asher 1-53-am-vid.mp4 6-sec video from roadside at Fauna and Old 50
At this point, Asher runs after the RV and they drive off.
02:02 GPS check-in, 36:21 pace
02:10 Asher 2-10-am-pic.png
02:13 GPS check-in, 6:09 pace
02:14 Asher 2-14-am-pic.png
02:14 Asher google photo video at Garner Rd (the one that got flipped from landscape to portrait) [clock says 2:14, Asher says 2:10]
02:18 Asher 2-18-am-pic.png
02:26 GPS check-in, 12:39 pace
02:38 GPS check-in, 161 pace (0.08 miles)
02:51 GPS check-in, 6:07 pace
03:02 GPS check-in, 5:09 pace
03:14 GPS check-in, 5.13 pace
03:26 GPS check-in, 7:24 pace

Guys, I would really like to nail down this section as we have a lot of information about it, but I've run into some issues.

I just spent a ton of time trying to integrate the TomTom GPS screenshots into this timeline. There are 2 segments that appear to overlap with this timeline. I am assuming that the TomTom timestamps are in local time (CST) because most GPS watches auto-sync to the local time-zone. Can anyone confirm this?

The issue I'm having is that there appears to be a gap in the RV GPS check-ins just prior to this time period - there are no check ins between June 4, 15:53:43 CST and June 4, 22:02:58 CST, which is located in the same spot. The RV appears to have stopped for a sleep break at June 4, 15:17:51, where a few more check in points keep it stationary before this gap in coverage. However, there are apparently TomTom GPS files covering 14.73 miles at an average pace of 22:50 min / mile over this same time window (June 4 15:31 to June 4, 21:11).

What am I missing? I was trying to correlate the next 2 TomTom GPS files after this batch to this timeline when I noticed this. Are the timestamps on the TomTom files just totally off? We may need to correlate RV sleep breaks to gaps in TomTom file coverage to address this.

Also, can anyone confirm that the TomTom interface shows full duration of the track and not "moving duration", meaning that we can reliably calculate the end time of the track by adding the duration to the start time? Some GPS watches will let you pause the track and will not count the paused time as part of the "duration" in certain parts of a viewing interface.[/quote]

I can confirm that you are all a bunch of fvcking losers.

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