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big Al
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

rojo wrote:

Ok. I spoke to Laz maybe 30 minutes ago. He is quite the characater.He says that it looked like RY was going to have an awful day but he sucked it up and has been gutting it out this mornign to get in the miles needed for the day (their day is basically motel to motel).

He said they mainly track him by driving ahead and waiting for him but also at times hide guys on the side so it's not predictable.

Anyway, on to the key issue. I pressed him about the watch/GPS data as in my mind proving he runs/walks from here on out proves nothing. Why don't we get the GPS/watch data which would show cadence? SYnc the tom tom to Strava if you aren't hiding anything. To me the only reason you wouldn't be doing taht as it happens is if you are hiding something..

Laz said he most definitely wants no part of the GPS data as he doesn't want to be accused of messing it up. He said if he was Rob he probably wouldn't hand it over either. I was like, "That makes no sense. If I had nothing to hide, i'd be publishing the data live."

He said if he was RY he wouldn't hand it over to letsrun as laz's wife has told him the tone is full of vitriol. I was somethign along the lines of "TI guess that's one way of viewiing. but i don't view it that way. Most people just think he's a cheater and defrauding the public."

Then suggested I get a strava employee to fly out there so there are no worrie about me doctoring.. He seemed to like that idea but wasn't sure if Rob's crew would have time to do it. He said it's a crew of just two people - two PR people who seemed overwhelmed. He said they'd have to be there when they stopped.

That's not hard. They generally stop every afternoon.

So it was an interesting conversation to say the least.

I'm going to a) Try to contract Strava
B) Ty to get the viceos from Colorado since no one else seems to be bothering with facts.

SURELY SOMEONE can get out to meet him and arrange beforehand with him that they will sort his data out for him. It's on TomTom site, it's EASY to sync to strava. He could get a mobile app.
If he is put under pressure to release it by someone actually visiting him it would be interesting to see his reaction, and at least hear from him WHY he wont put any data out there.

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