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Patience and planning
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Robert MF Young is back baby! wrote:

[quote]Patience and planning wrote:

[quote]Fire Dustin Brooks! wrote:

[quote]Robert MF Young is back baby! wrote:

[quote]RobsMom wrote:
Prove the doubters wrong! #inRobWeBelieve


60 miles today. Rob has got his mojo back and we'll soon see 70+ days again.[/quote]

Let me know when he starts running 6 minute miles for most of the distance, as he claims to have done through the desert and mountains.

Arguing with Rob supporters is like arguing with Evangelical Christians about evolution. None of the facts support their case, but they refuse to listen to any of your evidence because they have faith.[/quote]

I'm guessing that this is not an actual Robert Young fanatic, but probably the genuine Mike Rossi. If you read much of the titanic Rossi thread, you start to recognize his frat boy writing style. Rossi is a 1/10 troll who is much less clever than crude. I think he's getting a kick out of seeing a fellow cheater potentially prosper.[/quote]


Haters gonna hate! Now that your conspiracy theory is starting to fall apart you start attacking those who staunchly have supported the Truth.

Robert will silence you with his Guinness approved World Record once and for all.[/quote]

The interesting thing about Rossi is that he is so foolish and weak that he can't help but fan the flames of his own immolation by baiting his critics on the Rossi thread. He has single-handedly kept that thread going by being an active participant, thereby increasing his infamy. Such a weak-willed fool.

At least most of the Robert Young sycophants have been wise enough to slowly back away from this thread and stop participating. They are certainly not smart, but neither are they idiots like Rossi.

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