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Yacht Rock feat Michael Mcdona
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

RobsMom wrote:

Kevin O'Rourke Keep going Rob. You have got this little run.

Stuff the doubters, they are insane basement dwellers who has no class, no talent and no balls, they hide behind keyboards and puke out venom. I can't wait for them to choke on their own BS.

Kevin O'Rourke a lot are though, especially the Letsrun trolls and other muppets. Doubters and sceptics are fine but hiding behind FB names with no friends or history and an anonymous poster on a rubbish forum spilling complete hatred is just wrong

Terry Jones I bet the doubters vote Trump also. Rise above their level Rob, ignore them and smash it, then name and shame the idiots when you get to nyc.

Nick Dransfield Thank goodness for CCTV! Prove the doubters wrong! #inRobWeBelieve

Obvious troll is obvious. 2/10. #MomsDontUseHashtags

Robert MF Young is back baby! wrote:

[quote]RobsMom wrote:
Prove the doubters wrong! #inRobWeBelieve


60 miles today. Rob has got his mojo back and we'll soon see 70+ days again.[/quote]

Obvious troll is obvious: "... is back baby" Webb gives you 0/10

Robert MF Young is back baby! wrote:

[quote]Fire Dustin Brooks! wrote:

Let me know when he starts running 6 minute miles for most of the distance, as he claims to have done through the desert and mountains.

Please cite him on this alleged claim.

And stop hating him just because he's way faster than you could ever dream of.

With the right coaching Rob should be able to challenge Yiannis Kouros records.[/quote]

6/10, decent effort

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