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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

rhizomes wrote:

I think we have to accept that it is Rob in the CCTV footage. There is just no other explanation for the RV reversing its course and travelling at the speed limit to go back to Emporia. His crew come across as blundering idiots. This action and the inconsistencies in recounting those night's events don't necessarily surprise me. However this occurred at the beginning of the night and Rob already looked to be in a world of hurt. There is no way the crew once they rejoined him then took off at blistering pace again and there is no way Rob found a second wind and starting clocking 6:30 miles or whatever on his way to Lebo. I think what happened is they met back up with him, Rob said f*ck it I don't feel good, we're in the middle of nowhere, let me just hop into the back so we can get our daily miles recorded today. If all was innocent with that night Robert and his people would have been a lot more forthcoming from the beginning.

Remember Rob's blog from that night:

"wow, what a crazy night! I bonked and the RV didn't notice and drove off way ahead of me. There I was in the middle of Kansas walking in the dark dressed all in black with no reflective patches. Coming into a town I had to flag down a stranger and use their mobile phone to call the RV to come back.

Then a few hours later I'm making good time when I look back and see a light approaching. I freak. It might be a knife-wielding murderer. I signal the RV, they see me this time and stop. I hop in and we take off. A couple ton RV is no match for a guy on foot with a knife so we need to drive away before we actually see the person clearly. But because I have such high integrity, when we're sure the knife-wielding murderer has moved on, we return to the exact spot so I can start back from there.

Crazy night that I'll never forget, but I'm determined to set this record for the children. I feel no pain and have superhuman determination and will not quit. Unless, of course anonymous strangers raise questions about me on an internet message board."

We all remember reading that in his blog about that night, right?

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