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RE: WHERE IS THE DATA??? - we're still creating it

rjm33 wrote:

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Vanessa and robert (shacky) her husband are in on it. Lots of links between these people. Get a pencil and follow along and get ready to have your mind blown by the level of grifter and mentally ill you're about to read, which is a small portion of the story.

Vanessa and Shacky are in on this scam. As are the 2 american charities which are fake charities. The "Race Across The Usa" RY "won" last year is put on by one of the fake anerican charities he is now "running for".
The American charities are run by RY's pals. He claims he is running for charity. People donate to the "charities" which are actually RY's pals. The money "for the children" goes to RY's pals, the y split the money "for the children".
Anerican charity 1: 100 mile club. Run by kara lubin. Who put on the "Race Across The USA" last year that RY conveniently won. It is possible that is when this current scam was hatched. Fake charity. It is "to bring awareness of childhood obesity and get kids to move at least 100 miles per year." (For the children)! Their founder is 50 lbs overweight making people "aware" of childhood obesity as she uses donations not needed to encourage kids to move that doesn't require money to fly around the country and selfie. The excuse for her using funds for her living expenses and luxury travel to try to ingratiate herself to people she perceives as the run community is she needs to set up new chapters of the "club". A few others involved in this fake are Vanessa and Shacky who gave up their non jobs for years to "crew" the "Race Across The Usa" runners last year. Vanessa is a successful author. So much so that she sets up go fund me accounts for gas money during the fake "Race across the Usa" (for the children)! Others part of this fake, the aforementioned by others Alex Ramsey, Jup Brown, (he needs your money for a go fund me for a flight home after taking time off his not having a job and doing the fake "Race Across the Usa" last year for the fake 100 mile club charity for the children! last year), and Patrick Sweeny among others.
Fake American charity 2 on this one scam. Tyler Robinson Foundation. The same charity Lisa Smith Batchen (mentally ill and has paid her bills her whole life by scams such as the fake badwater quad she never ran among others), was going to do her transcon for this year "for the children"! Until she got caught on her transcon a less than a week in. Oops, I mean had a "medical emergency." So brave. Here's some more reality for you: Lisa originally claimed she was doing her (fake), transcon this year for a legitimate charity, except they didn't know she was using their name. She gave interviews they were partners. They had no idea. That is the level of crazy here. She was setting up a website using their logo but directing to external donation site (her, even though that legitimate charity has huge legal and legitimate full time dedicated fundraising departments). The legitimate charity got tipped off. Ready for more crazy? Lisa went into panic mode and flew unannounced to their headquarters across the country sure she could manipulate them into letting her use their name. She'd already given interviews they were partners. They gave her a tour and got her out of there. They told her no. She continued to try to use their name even after that, (people in the usa are well aware of her mental illness, faked runs, she needed a charity to try to legitimize her fake transcon). Legitimate charity stopped her, after she kept trying to attach her name to theirs well after they her no. At that point she started her posts about "God testing her" on her facebook page (run the nation with lisa smith batchen), soon after, (because they wouldn't let her use a fake run with no gps and no tracking of donation dollars going to her under her name and once they figured out her mental illness that is "God testing her"). Enter Lisa's high school pal jimmy place of chicago who fancies himself quite a media mogul with his production company no one legitimate has ever heard of who volunteers for "tyler robinson foundation" to get them to let Lisa use their name (the new cause she is "passionate about" in days), to try to make her transcon look legitimate. She got caught in less than a week on the road. Now RY's biggest supporter until yesterday when she tried to put some distance, (no we aren't affiliated so we can set up our next scam).
Lots of other grifters and other fake charities as a smokescreen tied to the same core group of people. This is how these people make a living (and destroy the sport). Also, quite possible vanessa couldn't keep up with a hobby jogger even on a bike, she is a larger lady.

What a great idea. You have a fake race, and everyone piles in their RVs and drives across the US, while doing promotion and pretend running.[/quote]



Very well done.

Mr. Robert Young has been completely exposed now.

There is nowhere you can hide Robbie.

The dream story is coming to an end.
The nightmare story is just beginning.[/quote]

This one's for you, Robbie

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