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Patience and planning
RE: Robert Young - WHERE IS THE DATA???

UK Runner wrote:

From RY's Facebook:

[quote]This is a rather long Facebook post but necessarily so. Please bear with me.
As many of you will already know, there have been some questions raised about Rob on this run. We assure you everything is being done in the right way out here. Due to this we have been joined by Laz, a famous figure in the Ultrarunning world and race director of the Barkley marathon, along with other top ultrarunning figures. To check that Rob is doing all he says he is. There have been some rumours and misinterpretations of data posted by individuals out there, none of whom have never met us on our journey and it is important to put these rumours to bed.
Among a very small but vociferous group of doubters is one individual who apparently came out to run with Rob near Emporia in Kansas.
Though this individual has posted video footage of our vehicle online as he drove past, for some reason he felt unwilling to ask us to stop, to enquire where Rob was when he couldn't see him. If he had done so he would have been welcomed in and been able to discover the facts.
On that occasion, approaching Emporia, Rob had been running behind the vehicle, which is normal for us. We often drive at a set speed while Rob tucks in behind the vehicle. When he wants us to slow down and stop he flashes his torch.
On a number of occasions, maybe 5 in total on this journey, the driver has failed to notice this signal to stop. The result? Rob is left stranded and the RV continues on assuming Rob to be back there running. This was what happened in Emporia. Michael, who was driving, was only alerted to the fact that he had lost Rob when Rob, borrowing a phone from a stranger in a bar in Emporia, called Michael to tell him. We even have the phone numbers of the stranger and the barmaid there if required to support this explanation.
The accuser then went to the trouble of getting CCTV footage from that night, from a local gas station, in order to back up his claim of impropriety. His post of the RV cruising slowly past without Rob in sight was supposedly proof that Rob was in the RV, rolling towards NYC without running those miles. If only the individual had the courage to stop our vehicle to find out for himself instead of being so furtive. I know Michael would have appreciated finding out that he had lost Rob and the individual could have learned the truth and seen it with his own eyes.
We have since contacted that gas station and asked them to help us clear Rob's name by showing us the footage following the RV passing by. We knew Rob would come by a few minutes after, which, as you can see by the footage here, he does, some 9 minutes after the RV had passed by. It's dark but it is clearly Rob walking by, with his torch visible in his hand.
This should finally put this question to rest. It has taken us considerable time and trouble to do this and all while we really wanted to focus on supporting Rob's superhuman efforts to break an incredible record. We will be happy to respond to any other queries after Rob reaches NYC but not before. We have lots and lots of data etc to prove Rob is doing everything in the right way. If and when he claims a record it will be backed up by huge amounts of data that will leave nothing in doubt - including many independent witnesses, such as ultrarunners Ruben Cantu, The Foxy Moxies, Nancy Bennett, Gary Cantrell, Bill Schultz, to name but a few.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Dustin, Michael and Rob..

Questions about who is / isn't in the CCTV footage aside - they claim here that *they* obtained the footage. I was under the impression that it was the OP from here (Asher?).[/quote]

I wonder if the actual man in black with a cell phone in the video could somehow be tracked down. The population of Emporia is only 522. Maybe post an article in the local paper about Robert Young's run, along with a screen cap of the man in black.

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