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Shifty Grifty
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

team1.kml wrote:

[quote]The Scot wrote:

[quote]Markus wrote:

[quote]team1.kml wrote:

I updated the spreadsheet ( with azimuth between two 12-minute checkins. Records are sequential by time, and for Kansas you can look for "back-tracking" by scanning through the corresponding records where azimuth is between 225 and 315 (That's a 90 degree slice that will easily get any eastward movement).

You can cross-reference these dates/locations with the team1.kml pastebin that noobrunner posted initially (
There's also been a long-term high-frequency update that a ulister has going based on their live data.

I locked the spreadsheet so no edits can be made.

Looks like a westward backtrack started around at Jun 5 at 12:38am Eastern and continued til at least 1:02am covering at least 12km. Looks like they went almost all the way back to the outskirts of Emporia before turning around to head east again.

Thanks, that is great.
So you are saying that Robert ran only 1190 miles until 6/10/16?
It all looks pretty weird to me.[/quote]

Doesn't sound right, that was the day of the TomTOm screenshots and I got 1448 miles out of them.[/quote]

1448 makes more sense to me. The tracker would have more miles if it has to do extra miles compared to Rob. I hope to take a closer look at how many of the 1739 (which is the sum of the segment distances up to June 9 10am) are doubling back but that will have to wait. My intention was to classify each segment in terms of whether it was forward or backward and, if backward, then subtract those miles from the total. I don't see an easy way of doing that to this data in its current form.[/quote]

They put the tracker in the van and drive the same distance twice?

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