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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

links to legit media comments wrote:

[quote]baconheart wrote:

Do we have "beyond a reasonable doubt",
I'd be reluctant to send this to a jury based on what we can prove now.

Do we have "the preponderance of the evidence" (which essentially means that it was more likely than not that something occurred in a certain way).
Again I'd be reluctant to go to a jury as we are now.

People just do not get the reality of running times, distances and the interplay of so many things that are involved in ultra or multiday races.

The old saying "judged by people not smart enough to get out of jury duty" has a bit of reality behind it. Getting six out of eight on your side is not as easy as one would think especially dealing with a concept they do not really understand (long distance running) and so much he said/they said stuff being at the core of and pivotal in deciding degree of proof.

If I rojo I'd keep my wallet in my pocket on this one.

Do I think runners and knowledgeable fans get it? Yes . ..
but I doubt we will see a jury that stacked with runners and knowledgeable fans.
Is what was said here enough to sway Guinness from a Brilliantly Done ? It should be.

Do we have a list of links to legit reporting on this event? Not user generated social media or blogger type accounts?

Who assumed CCTV means a Chinese TV station not internal closed circuit TV in the van? Is there really a Chinese TV crew involved?
Has rojo contacted ESPN about their taping of Youngs trip.
Please explain the start of the event to me. I read he said he was going out for a practice run then called his team and said he started without them come get me X number of miles away. Did he want to sneak out of town without all the annoying press conferences and interviews?
Has rojo called the carwash, the barmaid or the tow truck guy? Who are these guys that are openly shadowing Young and why the subterfuge involved. Are these guys dumb enough to say we are not going to follow you we are going to hide along the way and see if you are actually running. is the Young Team stupid enough to not have him out on the road from here to NYC?
Why am I not following Centrowitz and his stress reaction rehab but looking up various tinytowns in middle America and informing myself about huge rockingchairs and the difference between the worlds biggest horseshoe and the worlds heaviest horseshoe
Martinsville, Illinois: World's Largest Horseshoe
Certified by Guinness World Records in 2013, then beaten by a slightly larger rival in Kentucky in 2015. It's still the World's Heaviest Horseshoe.[/quote]

you should probably adjust your meds.

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