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Plaid pants
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

113 wrote:

[quote]doubler wrote:

Here is a stretch from his data that shows 30.58 miles in 1 hour.

Mapping it out, it is actually 69 miles on the road. (The tracker calculates a straight line point to point).

Estimated driving time is 59 minutes. It took Rob 1 hour to run this stretch.

Yes, this is the Mojave desert breakdown day. At this point, I don't blame anyone for not being able to keep track of every single thing in the thread.

The great part about this, doubler, is that even though they claim the tracker was on the RV and not on Rob, the blog claims that RY beat them to Laughlin!

So that leaves three clear possibilities:

1. The blogger is knowingly lying and RY rode with them to Laughlin.
2. The blogger is telling the truth about RY beating them to Laughlin, because RY hitchhiked without their knowledge.
3. The blogger is knowingly lying about RY beating them to Laughlin just to exaggerate how awesome he is. However, even if it's just an exaggeration, there's no way RY could have been sitting by the pool in Laughlin when there photo shows him there (the photo's time info can be found on exif.)[/quote]
It actually doesn't.

From the blog:

"Alvin turned up within a half an hour in his shiny new pick-up. He soon got us out of there and we were very lucky, by all accounts. If we’d been in a Chevy, by all accounts, we’d never have gotten out. Ford RV’s are ‘strong as shit’ apparently. Rob had called on the mobile since and told us to meet him in Laughlin. Once we’d gotten out we headed out to the 95 and to Laughlin. A shortish drive through the early morning heat took us to Nevada and the town of Laughlin. Goodbye California. One state down, 13 more to go. We’re making progress.

In Laughlin when Rob turned up and we met at the Riverside RV park, his lips were parched and he was tired but in good spirits. Apparently he had scrambled off road again, through the desert, over a big hill. I wish we’d been there to see it but we were just glad he had made it, as he always does. The tracker, in response to a couple of queries on social media, had remained in the RV during our separation, which it does much of the time. It’s purpose is for folk to see where we are at, at any given time, not to measure speed, mileage or performance – that’s what the GPS watch is for."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So if you read this, what he actually says is to meet him in Laughlin, and then he eventually "turns up" - which at least implies that they got to Laughlin before him.

Bottom line: without him wearing a GPS watch, there is no way to prove or disprove what he ran that day.

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