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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

noobrunner2 wrote:

[quote]113 wrote:

This picture is taken at 8:50. That actually matches with the blog post's claim that the tow truck showed up within a half hour. RY is with them when they get stuck, as you can see in the Facebook video referenced above, again starting around 1:40 in.

From this point forward, they have not shared any TomTom data until 8:55 that evening, which must be the run out of Laughlin.

RY is within 2 miles of Bannock at 8:19. Let's ignore the claim that he beat his crew to Laughlin; that's obviously false. That just proved that his blogger lied, not necessarily that he cheated. Let's instead focus on the blog post pool photo, which the exif data reveals was taken at the Riverside Resort and Casino pool in Laughlin, Nevada. It is taken at 12:52. (again, can't link).

Yeah I posted this on like.. page 6 or so (not sure exactly and cba to search) of this topic or something. RY claims the RV got stuck 2.5 hours earlier than the image says (so I hear from a guy that interviewed him).
Which would STILL make it 38 miles in 6.5 hours, solo unsupported through the desert in 80F+ temps at the end of a 70 mile day on day 4 after 160 miles the previous the 3 days.


The point is that now we know that that is impossible. When you combine the TomTon images with the time and location data from the photos, we know the RV had to have broken down in Bannock almost exactly at 8:19. It's 4.5 hours at most for the journey, and that assume RY left his buddies immediately after getting stuck, and then showered, changed clothes, and ended up sitting by a pool about 2 minutes after he arrived in Laughlin.

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