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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

CoachKev wrote:

I don't think this adds anything to the discussion thus far. It's clear that RY has running ability. All this shows is that he has run an average of just under 75 miles per day for 2 days. It says *nothing* about his ability to sustain a high mileage on the roads for umpteen days at a time, however.

There's a massive difference between saying somebody 'could' do something and confirming that somebody 'has' done something.

As it happens, I remain open minded about this all, although I admit that the evidence presented so far doesn't do RY any favours. It should be so, so easy to resolve, however.

I don't think posting shorter distance race times shows anything other than the ability to run a fast race but many people are focusing on that.

He is confirming he can run distance repeatedly but doing this live right now[/quote]

I agree he his moving across the country, but not on a real-time "live" basis. Let's not pretend that Rob is being transparent. Right now, the only thing he/team have proven to the world is that his body and an RV are moving slowly across the USA, and it's not even close to being "live" as you say. I will admit at this point it will be impossible for him to prove he ran the whole way until now. Basically, he's dammed, but not because some trolls on LRC started to question him. If evidence is presented supporting his claims then he has nothing to worry about. However, no one here should be apologizing for anything. Since when are people not allowed to call BS on something when they see it?

We've seen enough real evidence to reasonably believe he cheated. People are sent to prison for life based on much more limited circumstantial evidence. No, I'm not comparing him to a murderer nor am I saying he committed a crime, but he's making a claim and we are seeing circumstantial evidence that contradicts that claim. Rob cannot prove he's run the whole way. We also cannot prove he hasn't (for now), but we can prove some of his claims are mathematically and physically impossible. So unless he provides evidence to explain or clarify his bogus claims and put us back at his word vs ours, we have plenty reason to believe he's cheating.

Remember, it is very possible for a human male to run a 3:11 marathon, but based on his past performance and fitness level, it would have been impossible for Mike Rossi to have run 3:11 on September 7th, 2014. Similarly, it's not impossible to run 3 consecutively faster marathons within 30 hours. However, it would have been impossible for Rob, given his past performance and couch potato fitness level at the time, to have done that, ending with a 3:xx. Shall I also go into the whole desert blog entry? One has to deranged or completely ignorant to believe that would have been possible.

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