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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Arealpersson wrote:

[quote]Judge won't budge wrote:

Throwing out this question: what is a fitting punishement for his alleged 'crimes' here?

Ok we site back for now and let all the evidence (or lack of) come in, be analyzed and verdicts reached. If it becomes clear beyond reasonable doubt that his claims of completing this (with or without achiveing the record) are proven false then what will actually happen?

Will he be allowed to continue with his status of being a hero and champion of childrens charities cheered on by his many fans on facebook?

Will he be allowed to continue to claim his previous records ie. sub 31 10K etc?

Will he continue to profit directly from his book sales even if he is exposed as a fraud?

Will he be ostracised from the running community?

Will he be ostracised from the charity community?

Will he be ostracised from the general public at large?

It seems to me that if found to be gulity of fabricating many of his athletic accomplishments then an example must be made of him and expose him to the full glare of the media to prevent other would be 'heros' from ever attempting something like this again. I wouldn't care so much if he was just doing this just to boost his ego but he is actually making a mockery of charities here and this is the key point here. He is in a way committing fraud by taking sponsorship deals and money from genuine people who accept his achievements at face value with no questions asked.

I am completely sick and tired of the great sport of running being totally abused by outright cheaters who seem to take advantage of the fact that most people will never question things. For me, this guy has gone way too far this time and deserves everything that is coming his way.

The case continues to build against him and he is now damned by his own silence and lack of credible data. Once all the evidence has been weighed up, I'm sure there will be quite a few media outlets rather interested in highlighting this. I could see the BBC's Jeremy Vine running with a story like this on primetime UK radio time.

Rob, give it up buddy, it's time to come clean now and admit to everything you have falsely claimed. It's better you do this now than to continue this as it will only get worse for you from here on.

Stop walking, get in the van, check into a nice hotel for a couple of nights. Once rested, release a video owning up to these lies and issue an apology to the many you have duped throughout all of this.

It's not too late to reveal the truth and walk away with at least some dignity in tact.

And if he's shown to be running legitimately will there be any consequences for the people hiding behind their fake names and accusing him of cheating before he's even finished the thing. In guessing not.[/quote]

Oh, the irony!

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