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Stop whingeing
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Asher Delmott wrote:

[quote]arealpersson wrote:

I originally came on here because somebody posted up some legitimate questions about whether this was happening at all. I still do not understand how that footage was taken without being able to keep up wth the van and ask the occupants where Rob is. Responses to this question have been flimsy to say the least.

Your post containing this except was well thought out. I believe you are sincere about this, so I will try to explain my experience specifically as it relates to this question.

I drove down the highway to find Rob so I could run with him. I looked at the tracker while I was still home, so I didn't know how far he would be from me once I reached the highway. I figured the easiest way to find him at that point would be to dice down the highway, then stop at the intersection ahead and wait until he got there, then start running with him. I drove down the highway, and saw the RV but not Rob. After a few more miles of driving. I checked the tracker, and it said he was behind me. I turned around, and started driving back toward the rv. No matter what, I had to drive back past the rv, so I decided to film as I drove by (the 1:45 video). Again I didn't see any runner. I parked ahead a little ways off the highway. I ran back to the highway, and toward the rv. At this point, I had a choice. Let the rv come up to me while I am blinded by the headlights, or get off to the side and see if I missed Rob running on the side of the RV (although unlikely because there is no good shoulder there). Right it wrong, I opted to get off to the side and take another video (the 1:53 video). Like I said before, 2 night videos are better than 1 if something fishy is going on.

After that video I ran out behind the rv, and was catching up. If I would have caught up, I would have talked to them. Unfortunately, I saw someone get OUT of the rv, but they got back in and drove away to quickly to catch up since I was still on foot. Why I didn't say something when the person got out, I honestly can't say. Maybe I was to dumbfounded that someone got out, maybe they got back in too quick, maybe it's because I'm generally a quite person, and didn't want to yell.

Anyway, their driving away was the icing on the cheating cake to me. After this, there was no way i was going to try to talk to them.

I find it quite possible they were scared when I was coming up behind them, as they said in their in their recent video response. However, I maintain there was no runner beside the rv which they have said he was. I don't think it has been addressed why we don't see a flashlight in the video since they say he had one.[/quote]

Thanks for your response Asher and for giving more detail. I guess not knowing you and your motivation, from the limited info I had it seemed more like you were going out to catch a cheat. I wouldn't have had a problem with that if that was the case. Just felt like there was no need to pretend you were going out to support Rob. Apologies if I read that wrong. It goes to show it is easy to jump to conclusions from limited data. It is probably just a very different approach to what I would have done. I would definitely have gone and flagged them down and asked where Rob was I would probably have alerted them I was coming beforehand too, it being the middle of the night. I'm sure there is an explanation for the video and I don't think the half explanation on fb has really helped. Looking forward to seeing what your further car wash footage reveals.

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