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Robert Dung
RE: Legal threat?

otherUlister wrote:

[quote]Robert Dung wrote:

From Facebook
[quote]Michael Strzelecki Emily Luijbregts, one more thing on this. About 15 years ago there was a runner named Robert Garside who was attempting to set a record for running around the world. Certain Ultra List members proved that he was cheating (and this was before GPS and other technologies). The found many inconsistencies in blog entries and also found that he had to be running at world record pace through desert terrain solo at times. He got caught but the running community. I think some of the older ultrarunners see some similarities between how RY is handling things and how Garside handled things. As an example, when Gardside's camp was asked to resolve inconsistencies or questions, they lashed out to the people and threatened to sue, and never responded or addressed the allegations. When someone from the Ultra List contacted RY's camp to ask for data as verification, they were threatened with a lawsuit by RY's camp if they interfere (the entire response email was posted), and the data issue was not addressed. I think that this is what set the whole thing off.

Can someone on the ultra list post this legal threat?[/quote]

"Response from crew guy about my post:

Dustin here, part of Rob's crew. Rob is running the miles with witnesses and gps and photos and videos along the way. We are filmed for about 5 days of the route by RV crews in addition. We can't really do much more and what we are doing will suffice for Guinness so should suffice for anyone else. If u want to accuse me of lying about what's happening here then that's very serious. It's not a legitimate question as u call it, it's a terrible accusation, accusing 3 of us of lying and being cheats. It's very serious and I will attend to it legally once this is over and done with if necessary. Legally it is defamation of character. Individuals had better have good reason to get into that or a very good lawyer and deep pockets. Either way there can be no proof of cheating or lying because there has been none. Just don't expect to spit in my honour and not have me take offence. The critics are just envious runners who can't bear anyone else to manage what rob is managing because they can't manage it themselves."[/quote]

Thanks for that. I only find it even more suspicious when they resort to scare tactics and diversion. If they had nothing to hide, surely they'd happily comply with the requests? Why be offended if you haven't done anything wrong?

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