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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
Update from laz:

"I will say this much.
having read 5 bible's worth of stuff about and from RY over the past week,
this is the absolute first mention of his charity that i have seen.
(except, "he is doing it for the kids")
i was intending to ask today;
"what charity is he running for, anyway?"
"is he directly raising money for them?"

because he sure as hell is not calling attention to them.

i do have some ambiivalence;
there are people i know and respect who are still supporting him.
but, all i hear is the "nice guy" defense.

on the other side are those damning videos....

and, more than that, the numbers.
i am a numbers guy,
and those numbers are simply impossible.
even someone who had demonstrated the ability to run those speeds,
would have to prove to me that they could run those long strings of 5:30 miles,
and still log big mileage.
no matter what might be claimed,
physiology is physiology,
and hard effort has physiological costs associated.
if he was fast enough for 5:30 miles to come without a cost...

he would not have the sort of times we can actually verify.
he would not be finishing only around the top third of the two utras he ran.

the only possible positive explanation is extremely poor data collection by his team.
the logical explanation is that he was riding in the van.
making those videos doubly damning.

if he is real,
he should be glad to see team geezer.
if we come out of this with a defense for him,
it won't just be that he is a nice guy,
and we "think" he is genuine.

we will have seen it for ourselves.
i am looking forward to seeing a string of 5:30 miles
or some 70-80 mile days
certainly well over 400 for 6 days.

the results over the past few days
look more like something i would have logged
(years ago)
in an uncrewed journey run.
making this look like some really long days coming

but, i saw someone speculating that he is saving his energy for "team ultra"
hope that is it.


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