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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Ultra list update wrote:

I’ve been passing on forecasts to Laz for a few days, here is my latest:

Since entering MO, averaging 46.76mpd. Using midnight to midnight ET as my “day”.

6-Jun 17.5
7-Jun 71.2
8-Jun 48.3
9-Jun 43.2
10-Jun 39.9
11-Jun 41.3
12-Jun 30.2 current, 41.78 forecasted.

Currently still at Innkeeper Motel according to tracker. Needs to average ~56.41mpd to arrive at Times Square and shave a minute off of record assuming ~210 miles to Indy and ~936mi to Times Square.

Other stats:

ST miles days mpd
CA 272.0 4.58 59.35
NV 20.3 0.46 44.29
AZ 404.0 6.07 66.53
NM 170.0 2.22 76.62
CO 306.0 4.01 76.27
KS 426.0 6.11 69.75
MO 295.1 6.31 46.76
Overall 1,893.4 29.76 63.62

6 day average across each state:
CA 356.12
NV 265.75
AZ 399.17
NM 459.70
CO 457.60
KS 418.49
MO 280.57

For those really into the numbers, this would be a ‘short’ route of less than 2900 (closer to 2830-2850) but still sufficient to satisfy Guinness requirements.

Enjoy the stats!

Email earlier to Laz directly:

Is it really just serendipity that he has covered this entire distance so quickly and has just began to sputter? I have daily mileages from Frank G. and Marshall U. and am interested in comparing Robert’s to that.

Anyway, staying objective, here are the latest:

He’s currently at Innkeeper Motel off of Hamel Dr. (38.908857, -90.323579). Side note that it amazes me they are stopping a lot at hotels/motels lately. RV must not have AC or can’t get safe places to pull off in shade. He’s at 30.2mi today with a forecast of 45.25mi at midnight ET.

~210 miles to Indy. Arrival 6/15 13:16 to 6/17 15:00. (70mpd to 41.5mpd)
I think 70mpd can be thrown out now. Probably 60mpd as well. If he tops out at 55+ I’d be amazed.

~936mi to Times Square. Arrival for record is 7:37am ET on 6/29/16. That would be 46d 8h 35m.

Currently needs 56.22mpd to arrive on time. That will likely raise to 56.75-56.85 by 2am ET 6/13 when I do my nightly calculation.

If he is over 60mpd south of Pittsburgh, I don’t see him getting through Appalachia in time. My guess is he’ll be at 65mpd needed at the OH/PA border.

Happy observing. 93º and thunderstorms coming in. Don’t envy you guys one bit but happy someone is out there monitoring!


So, basically, he *ostensibly* averaged about 70 miles a day for the first 3 weeks or so, and then barely averaged 40 for the last week (your numbers give about 43, not the 46+ you mention) --which coincides exactly with the time-frame since he got *caught*, and realized there were people actually starting to pay attention.

Yep, that's one hell of a coincidence, alright.

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