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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

RY runs for donuts wrote:

[quote]Natty Dread wrote:

[quote]RY runs for donuts wrote:

[quote]Natty Dread wrote:

If you look last evening's video, Mr. Young is averaging ~20s between utility polls. Utility polls are spaced ~125' apart along highways - in urban environments they are often closer and there is more variance in spacing due to infrastructure (tethers/drops to buildings, driveways, intersections). This would mean Mr. was traveling at 6.25 ft/sec or ~9mph in the video.

Not a bad effort at the end of a 40 - 50 mile day, but it looked to be a show for the camera and Mr. Young was having far more difficulty with the pace than the fellow pushing/carrying the camera in-front of him. It makes it difficult to believe he held that pace (or better) for the first 2 - 3 weeks of the attempt.

Your math is way off, 6.25ft/sec is like 4.25 MPH.[/quote]

You are correct ... I made a simple, but significant error.

I was off preparing dinner for the family when it occurred to me I inadvertently (and carelessly) flipped the numerator and denominator when I went to convert from ft/sec to miles/hour. I figured folks would be all over it before I returned.

Yes ... 3600/5280 makes for about 4.25 mph and not 9mph (as would be the case when I multiplied by 5280/3600).

Now I need to go back and count sidewalk sections between the utility polls because 4.25 mph seems far to slow for the amount of effort on Mr. Young's face.[/quote]

I have read they are closer to 180' between each, which would make that closer to a 6.1 mph pace, seems more reasonable given his stride.[/quote]

Uh, no. They can be spaced at anything. There is no uniform standard. How tall are the poles? What is the wattage of the luminaire at the top – 100, 250, 400, 1000? What sort of road is it and what lighting spec are you trying to meet? And oh, another half dozen or so variables. I’ve seen spacings as tight as 75 feet and as long as 400.

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