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Bit of digging
I've done an extensive trawl of all the available electronic media archives for Hertfordshire from 2004 onwards, and uncovered nothing else regarding his sporting achievements or fundraising. I would have thought that as a Cheshunt (Hertfordshire) resident and knowing it would be free publicity, he would have shouted from the rooftops a little more if he had completed the other feats. I could contact some of my old journalist contacts in the area to see if they could do some digging, but unless there is a meaty story in there - and bear in mind he's no longer resident in the area - they're probably not that interested.

In terms of the national press, I can see the Daily Mail were quick enough to pick up on his achievement last year - so given the Wail are about one step up from the National Enquirer and *love* the "won't you think of the children!" angst when tearing someone down, they might be interested in doing some digging.

A quick trawl of the Three Peaks database (we don't call it the Three Summits) shows no self-disclosed completion - he would have to register it himself for 2004 (or 2005, or 2006 etc), and there are NO records of completion for that year at all. I did find a cached page referring to a team who completed it in 2007, but the employer details don't match up as I understand he says he was working for a car dealership?

CoachKev is still hanging in there, posting on an ultrarunning FB group as of half an hour ago with "Rob has been uploading all his data to the TomTom site but he doesn't have a strava account. I spoke to him for a while last night and asked if this could be rectified as soon as possible as it's obviously causing a lot of issues for him. He mentioned that the watches only store a certain amount of data and wasn't sure if he could back load the previous runs. I suggested getting this tried but if not to just upload data from now on and address this issue at a later date. I know lots of the negativity is affecting him but hopefully he will be in a better place mentally now and show his true class and continue this run. I'm all for outing cheats and i'm also all about supporting people I believe in. I hope he has sorted a strava account but I can't make anyone do anything i can only ask. The letsrun forum has got out of hand with some truly dreadful accusations flying around. I think it's great that there are sceptics in this community and I value (most) of the posts from people I know and those who i don't but I value for their knowledge and ability. Some others I don't value at all and think they are just out to cause trouble"

Strava shows another flyby on his "longrun without sleep" but I can't yet find anyone who was supporting or crewing on the days either side.

The Walter Mitty FB page has been contacted with his claims, we'll see if they can shed any light on his military service accomplishments.

Someone posted about WADA checking he is running clean: heads up to Rob's support crew - get a TUE *now* for anything he's taking which crops up on the banned list! Oh, it does mean you'll have to shell out a sackload of dollars for an MD to sign the form to explain why he is taking anything on the WADA list, so let's hope you don't have anything innocuous like Lemsip in his support kit.

Has anyone yet verified the EPSN or other TV crews which are meant to be covering his story?

And has anyone done any digging, or have any contacts within Sky, who can comment on his astonishing ability to arrive at a finish line before the judges?

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