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Asher Delmott
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

valkvjlvajla wrote:

His supporters are losing it:

If anyone's bored, here's a good game to play: rather than get in touch with him or his crew beforehand to arrange things, let's sneak-up unannounced on Rob at 1am as he runs along a deserted road in the the middle of nowhere when for all he knows you could be some lazy-eyed psycho with a knife... Then we can all go home like good keyboard warriors and write how Rob got scared for his safety and sheltered in the safety of his support van - then forget to mention the full facts that when Rob realised once a safe time had passed and he was not in danger, he returned to where you stalked him and carried on running having had is rhythm interrupted and cost him time. Well played you absolute cretin.
Trawling the Internet for recorded times for a 10k that Rob ran years ago (when you do not even know if he was racing that day or gently jogging around a course) and shouting about this on message boards implying he is 'too slow' to be recording his times when he runs 100k's on a daily basis, is like comparing a hamburger to a steak; sure they're both beef but that's where the similarity ends... Which if these keyboard warriors know half as much about running as they claim, then they would be aware of the difference... And going by the 'power of 10' rankings as your only source for Rob's times means very little - I have over 50 marathons and ultras to my name, but only 1 official half marathon which was pacing a slower runner, so a good hour off my natural pace and I have no official 10k time and I'm not sure I even have a 'power of 10' rating as I have never registered with the site as it is meaningless to me, so I guess I'm a fraud as well!.. And believe me, Rob has beaten me by at least an hour in every marathon we have been in together except for one, but to be fair he had just completed a 100 mile race in less than 24 hours before being driven 3 hours to the start of that marathon!.. So Rob is no slouch in 2 feet which anyone who has raced with him will tell you.
It sounds like there's bitterness that Rob is on course to break the 30 year old record, not because of the fact he is in sight of achieving it, but by the dint of him not being born on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean... Rob has had the cojones to organise a support team and logistics, fly half way around the world and have a go at achieving something that no-one in a fine nation of millions could do over that time. Pure jealousy, pure spite and pure bitterness on behalf of these Wikipedia altering keyboard warriors who would struggle to match Rob's effort for even a day, let alone 40+.
Ask yourself this all you keyboard warriors: why in the name of all that is holy would someone choose to, at their own financial and time expense, fly to California from London to drive across a continent at 5mph, mostly during the night, over the course of a month without rest, whilst running on a treadmill in the back of a Winnebago - Sounds absurd to the point of lunacy and the product of fevered imaginations doesn't it, but that's what you're accusing him of doing! go and take a hard look at yourselves you sad pack of numpties."

Anyone care to point out to Rob (and crew), the 2:10am video I posted was filmed AFTER I ran up behind the rv? Rob should have been hanging pretty close to the rv at that point, and keeping his flashlight handy...

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