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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
They're completely losing it. Which means the manipulations aren't working, the bullying attempts to stop legitimate questions through threats aren't working, the "for the children" isn't working, none of what they are doing to avoid simply uploading data and other reasonable requests that arose because of their own behavior are working.
They ask why would someone do that? Narcissism. For attention, money, profit, and admiration. Why would someone claim they have a less than 31 minute 10k time and try to profit from that and all the other things he's tried to profit from? None of the people with legitimate concerns about this who care about the sport are profiting, are they?
How did he fly to california from the united kingdom at his own expense and take all this time off "for the children" (then why not be quiet about the run if it's for children not yourself)? when he had a go fund me for his basic living expenses a year ago? How would that ever be a wise decision? My guess is someone else paid for the travel expenses. Did skinsGB and the other companies pay for his flights? Did one of the charities? And if it was a charity, how does that help them raise money as a charity? Will that latest bit of giving up his time and paying for his flights and now he is the poor persecuted lamb change and he will no longer have paid for his own flights? Will that be like the story changed where he decided one of the people who caught him not running when they came out to run with him as they were invited to do was a knife-wielding assailant with no threat or history of threat of that and no supporting evidence of that behavior from the person? Rural united states has so many ax murderers and they all come dressed as a runner with a headlamp, not as a bunny in the middle of the night, the bunny in the middle of the night is safe to stop for, not a runner with a headlamp. Also, since he is now complaining about being persecuted for being followed at night why did he display behavior that requires him to be followed and his story to be verified and why is he complaining when it is his choice to run at night? So why not run during the day? Or at night in front of the rv in headlamps for safety, that could also give them a dashcam of him running for the remainder, (doesn't explain the problems to this point they will need to account for, but is something). Simply have dashcam filming him in headlights, could even occasionally have all this frisbee golf playing crew pan down to speedometer, match to a worn-by-him gps with cadence. If you are choosing to run at night and are doing so 5-10 feet in front of an rv in headlights, your crew could get to you quickly if needed.
They are losing it. They do want attention for a "record", they do want attention for money for sketchy charities, they don't want attention for the inconsistencies in what has happened and continues to happen. It's almost as if they are trying to say they are the ones who have the right to be angry for being caught. That isn't going to work.
The more they say the less is answered and the more questions come up. They sound stressed. Would be so simple to provide legitimately requested information to answer questions that arose from their own behavior and stop that stress.
Simple. No mileage should be accumulating if he isn't spotted running, no more slow rolling rv miles. I guess we now get to see how long he can stay awake and what pace he reaches and holds for the next weeks. Given the earlier claims on this run regarding his ability to hold a good pace unsuported for 35-40 miles through the desert and the same at altitude day after day after day shouldn't be too hard for him to stay awake and hold pace. Should be easy since he likes to stay awake for days and has said in the past he just needs 6 double espressos and 15 sugars to come back to life and start throwing down 5 minute miles for miles on end.

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