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Take those bananas
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

CoachKev wrote:

[quote]Kevlar wrote:

Kev -

Please answer:

1. Do you think his 40 mile efforts at sub 7 min mile pace through the desert are genuine?

2. Why have they stopped since this thread started?

3. What do you now think about his pro cycling career?

4. What do you think about his marathon and half marathon pbs vanishing from his website?

5. You're not there either. Is your mind open to the POSSIBILITY he has lied and cheated?

1. I have no idea as i'm not there but I do think its very possible.
2. Why has what stopped? If you mean Rob running he still is and he is very tired. the heat is crazy and he has run a lot of miles. There is a huge amount of respect now on Ultra list for what he is doing and this is coming from respected athletes not people who hide behind keyboards.

3. I have no idea but I think this looks very much like Rob at the back of the pack if you increase the size of the pic. I have asked for more evidence direct and will post when i get more

4. I would estimate that they are looking into the full details. I know at London when he ran 3.07 he stopped and was interviewed for around 15-20 minutes and I think ti was by lucozade but I will get this clarified and a link to show the interview if this is possible. If you take 15 mins off this 3.07 then his probability of running 2.41 is highly probable

5.My mind is very open to this possibility. I do know a bit more than many of the doubters on here AND I have run with him on a few occasions.

I say let him continue running and get people on the ground running with him. Surely the original poster who put the various VERY suspect videos on here will be only maybe 100 miles away and could go along and view or run with Rob now.

It's very sad to see so many haters and people saying things that they have no evidence at all or reason to say. There is shed loads of speculation and no concrete evidence. I am trying to provide concrete evcidence and not hyperbole.

Ironically the poster who called him self aperrson is not Andy Persson at all. This fraud account posted that he had spoken to Rob's Fiance Joanna and this never happened as I spoke to Joanna about this today.

If people want to pretend to be someone they are not then how can anyone believe anything on this or other threads. People need to be transparent and not hide behind aliases or BS names. At least i am being genuine and have no agenda other than to support someone I trust and believe in.

I have run with Rob. I have donated to his various charities and contributed a tiny amount when he was in deep financial trouble on his race across America.

I can assure you all that he has NEVER taken any money from any of his charities and to say so is not only a downright lie but it could get those who say this into trouble. I will get full disclosure on this from the various charities and post here when I have it.

Rob has had some supporters financially at home in the UK and has also received some sponsorship money but I can tell you he is not making any decent money or even any money worth talking about. He is constantly on the breadline.

His book sales will help a little but believe me when I tell you that he will probably earn in the region of £1.00 per book until that book has sold at least 2 reprints and then it will increase to maybe the princely sum of £2.00 a book. (This last statement on the book sales alone is my estimation and belief and is not a hard fact)

If you want to really hurt Rob and make him suffer then why don't you let him complete the challenge as running with this level of scrutiny for the remaining distance will be very intense. However defaming his character and saying he has stolen money is slanderous.

I agree there seem to be inconsistencies with some of his times but Rob has run hundreds of races in his time and whilst times are important to many they don't really have that much of a bearing for him. As we get more information I will post here.

I will happily answer any questions that I have answers to and if I don't have an answer I will endeavour to find it for you all as long as it is relevant and not just some dumb ass statement of malice.

In the mean time please let him run and go and join him for a run but keep the really nasty stuff for the really nasty people who deserve it. This is just a guy running across a country, it's not life or death. If he does beat the record then there will be plenty of people who will be on his case to prove every aspect of this.[/quote]

I'm on Ultralist too!!! And there are only 2 people supporting him. The many many others are all questioning. Speaking of which, why won't they upload the GPS data from the watch? One question.

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