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Chris McDougall - FRAUD
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

KudzuRunner wrote:

[quote]'sheed wallace wrote:

[quote]UK Observer wrote:

Expert Testimony (Lieberman): Proved True

A guy who studies running form saying "oh yeah Rob has good running form" has no bearing on whether or not Rob has the ability to break this record. His verified past race times/performances do. They say "no". Watch don't lie.[/quote]

I didn't contact Professor Lieberman because I thought that his comments would have any direct relevance to the case at hand. I contacted him because Rob Young quoted him on his personal website, because some people here--including me--were dubious, and because Rob's integrity, or lack thereof, has everything to do with why this thread has legs.

Lieberman's confirmation that yes, he did indeed say those things about Rob Young, means that the case for Rob's all-points deceit in the matter of running achievements is incrementally weaker than many here thought it was. Please note the word "incrementally." I didn't say "This changes everything."

In this case, at least, Rob Young told the truth. Lieberman is a reputable scientist, he shows up in Chris McDougall's BORN TO RUN, and he did say those things about Rob Young. That's all. Make of it what you will. But please don't insist, without evidence, that all the quotes on his "what they say" page are simply made up. At least one of them isn't--and it's a pretty good quote:[/quote]

And we all know that CHRIS MCDOUGALL is a compulsive lying FRAUD. I admit, he is a talented writer, but he fabricates his stories. Sounds like a really classy group they have.

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