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Some Bloke
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
If it were

Asher Delmott wrote:

[quote]Arealpersson wrote:

Thanks! And well spotted. Just read that and got a shock seeing someone post as me! Guess I should probably register if I'm going to put up any more on here. Not sure there is much more I can say though. People keep asking me to provide data etc. That is up to Rob and his team. I've only been able to comment on the three times I've met him, one of those being a 14 hour run through the night. Pretty new to this forum stuff and been surprised at how much hate there is in amongst the people just genuinely wanting answers. Then this, someone masquerading as me! I really hope things will be clearer soon, either with data being published it your guys going out and running with him. I'm still confused at the original post to be honest. Why someone would not be able to keep up with an rv going at 7mph is what I can't get. If it really did turn into a car chase and he couldn't keep up, presumably that is all recorded on the tracker. Everyone applauding his investigative skills but not sure that's really PI material.

Check out the 2:10 am screenshot I posted, and the tracker (live on his website) at the intersection of Fauna Road and Highway 50 at Lebo. The screenshot shows that they advanced, and then came back in order to not record a fast segment. Subsequently, they sat at that intersection while I drove ahead to film again (2:15ish). But why drive ahead instead of talking to this guy? Because 3 times I saw an RV drive by with no runner, and 1 time they drove away from me running up behind. I preferred to get another video rather than listen to a made up story. I also didn't want to try to film a discussion and get my phone (and evidence) smashed. Finally, I'm not a PI; I'm a guy who wanted to run with Rob, but couldn't find him. All I want is a plausible story from him or his crew as to where he was at that time, and also where he was in relation to the RV when it drove down 6th Ave in Emporia.[/quote]

If it were me. I would have stopped and asked to run with him. You didn't have to confront him. Just ask to run, maybe collect some visual evidence. During your run, ask him questions about his running methods or documenting in a casual, non-confronting conversation. Probe a little.

Something with your story just doesn't add up. You went out there to run with him, but after you found him (or his RV with him in it). You decided not to run? Makes no sense.

You took videos. Why not just stop and run after taking the videos?

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