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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
New blog post:

Day 25 started with the crew from CCTV who are making a documentary about our trip, turning up outside the van and saying hi.

So at some point on June 6, the CCTV crew shows up. The first post on this thread will go up on June 7. During the entire span referenced in this post, they are very well-monitored and clearly feeling the pressure to better document what is going on.

At 6am on June 7, they are in Clinton, MO. Currently, they are just outside of Pendleton, MO. So that's a little less than 160 miles in a little over three days. Impressive! But of course that won't be enough to break the record:

Rob managed 50 miles by about 4pm and then stopped for the day. We estimate that he needs to cover an average of 61 miles a day to make it to NYC ahead of the current record. So we fell short today which means those miles will need to be made up somewhere else.

This is bizarre, though, because earlier in the trip he was pounding out 70 and 80 mile days through the desert and the mountains. What's more, he felt great-- even wanting to put in extra miles and go sight-seeing!

From Colorado:

After 71 miles we pulled over for a bit and got some rest, ate some pasta and chilli and watched the true life movie, Rudy. Rob wanted to run a bit more and we ended up doing 3 more miles before stopping at the Mustang ranch, the only sign of a roadside residence for the entire day’s stretch.

From Arizona:

By the time Rob had finished his running for the day at 3pm he had covered 70 miles and was in good shape. Michael wanted to visit the Grand Canyon during our rest period which was an hour’s drive away. Rob agreed.

From California:

The day ended in the town of Banning. We stopped for burgers in a Jack in a Box after which Rob slept again for an hour and a half. He had covered 81.4 miles on day 1 so we were all happy with the progress.

Note that all of these 70-80 mile days had significant climbs, off-road running, desert heat, or all three! But now running on the relatively flat Missouri roads is destroying him:

Day 27 was tough from the get go. Rob can’t get his legs going and is now walking more than running. We went through the night making slow progress. It’s hard to watch him struggle so much but he is still moving forward.

Also note that he did 65 miles the previous day-- a day on which the film crew only showed up halfway through.

But this is by far my favorite thing posted in this whole affair:

All this and with a small group of individuals on social media calling Rob’s efforts into doubt, it was a very tough day for Rob. It’s such a shame that he can’t be left alone to try to do this enormous task but is being called on to explain himself at every moment.
To make matters worse the internet is very hard to find out here, we are struggling for a signal.

These internet trolls are awful! How can we escape them? Also, we can't access the internet.

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