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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

1776 wrote:

Kevin O'Rourke (Milton Keynes) are you drunk? Too much wine again?

Maybe you can give some evidence of Rob's professional cycling career? Of his child abuse? Of his 30 minute 10K? Where was he during the video in Kansas?

I am not Rob's manager, his relative or anything apart from a guy who supports him and believes in his abilities.

As soon as I get any evidence for you I will post it for you. Why on earth you feel the need to post details about me is dreadful. I have a family and friends and a life that is private.

Please don't attack me personally or post more details about me as all I am trying to do is give a perspective whether you like or agree with that or not is up to you.

I understand I have I have given some details about myself and that was in the belief of transparency and trust. Maybe others should be as brave instead of hiding behind keyboards

Rob also has a family and wife and she is going through hell reading all the terrible comments about her husband.

Be critical by all means, be inquisitive, be negative if you have to but keep the terrible comments to yourselves. This is only courtesy to me and others who are trying to put a point across.

It seems that the majority of commenters here prefer to be anonymous which for me shows what many of you are truly like. If you put your details on here then people could start to share personal information about you too and that wouldn't be nice now would it!

According to Rob's book which I have read he did suffer terrible abuse and he then left the family home and was put into care. He then met his mentor Peter who took him into his home and taught him how to be a true and proper person. This kind gentleman was an athletics coach and helped Rob in his early days and gave him support financially, in terms of living space and mental support. This is factual and I have checked this with a number of people close to Rob and not just relied on his book.

As I have said numerous times I will post facts and not speculation or BS. These may be facts that have been given to me in good faith and I am relying on the integrity of others here too.

One example was that I was told the tracker was on the RV, I was then later informed by Rob himself that there was a tracker on his shorts. He also confirmed his has GPS watches in use and video coverage and all the media coverage from the film crews.

I know many of you are salivating at the possibility of this being a fraud but I still don't see anyone going out to run with Rob and posting here.

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