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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
And that's just one of the many problems isn't it, your definition of verifiable? You seem to suggest that two or three people vouching for each other means verified, while that could easily be called collusion. Ever heard of these two before?

So all this "verifiable" history that Rob has is coming into question, and for very obvious reasons. I don't except you to understand though, but please cut the crap about him being a nice guy and any other "sentimental" support. He's going for a serious record and so far almost every single place where poking it smells like $hit. He didn't just walk out of his house one day and decided he'd run across the country with a fanny pack on. He's planned this whole thing out with a support crew and its costly. All that planning and no continuous video or other corroborating evidence?

apersson wrote:

Haha! Forgot my name has got me into trouble before - being called A Persson doesn't do you any favours. Also forgot to hide behind an anonymous pseudonym like everyone else seems to here, but then I have nothing to hide. Did promise myself I wouldn't spend any more time on this...but failed. What amazes me is the extreme nature of people's reactions on here. Assuming that just because I said something to back Rob up, that I am on the van! Same with Kev, who I have only met once when I handed over to him on the sleepless run (I'm in the photo on his blog). I also happen to be in agreement with a lot of you, that Rob or his team needs to post up data and could have made this a lot easier on himself, especially after the Vaz episode. Don't know why he hasn't. I'm also very keen for people to go and find him and run with him, but hope that will be in a sense of seeing someone doing an amazing thing and wanting to witness and verify it, rather than just going to try and catch him out (if he isn't doing it, it will soon be obvious). I only came on here to shed a little light on the other side of the story from what I know of Rob. I completely understand though that people say they don't want a character reference and past achievements, just some hard data. But I think it does have a bearing on how you approach this. If I had come on here and said I tried to join him on the sleepless run and couldn't find him and he wasn't where he said he was, that would be very different. The fact that the guy has a lot of past verifiable history could mean you approach it in a different way. And yes, I have done several of my own challenges, most recently a 17 day 52 mile a day run across the UK, facebooking and vlogging the whole way and got to the end feeling so good I was seriously considering ditching the phone, upping the mileage to 65 and getting whole thing there and back done in a month. And I repeat I am a very ordinary runner - 3:31pb in his 50s, which I guess is the other reason why I don't find what Rob is doing so unbelievable.

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