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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
Thanks for continuing to follow this, and provide input about your experience with Rob. I posted my experience to get everyone's experience with him, and so far it seems I may be the only one with a negative experience. You bring up some questions about my story such as why I didn't flag down the RV, and as others have said, and I posted earlier, I tried to run up to the RV, they stopped, then drove away before I could talk to them. My purpose was not to call into question his history, or abilities. I just don't believe he is legitimately completing this attempt. Now, both Rob and myself are encouraging people to get out and run with him. So runners, get out there and see for yourselves![/quote]

Rob has asked why you would not make yourself known to the crew, why would you take the time to follow the van and not keep following it or stop the van and ask the relevent questions. He is very genuine and is happy to run with you and anyone else who cares to take the time to turn up. It does seem very strange that you have taken lots of time to start this whole thing and yet didn't follow up with more investigation. If I had gone out in the middle of the night and did what you had done I would have followed the van for ages, stopped them, asked questions, filmed the entire thing and actually made contact.

now for some other points and before you say anything I have been sleeping as it's now 8.25am in the UK.

I can understand how Rob did his first few marathons and hear me out on this before you all go running your mouths off.....Of course I wasn't there so don't know the full story but here is my theory for what it's worth. Rob would have done his first marathon as a run just to finish it for his bet. He would have had no idea how it would affect him or not. It appears that it wasn't that stressful so he did his second one faster and so on. This is not a crazy thing and I see it often. People do hold back until they see what they can really do. I know Rob has a preferred speed that he runs at optimally.

Rob has had a plan for this race as he has also had in other races to run walk. It suits him and allows him to refresh his legs in the early stages of the day and wake up his muscles. He also gets distance in the bag and then recovers with walk breaks. The run walk strategy is nothing new and has been done by ultra runners for many years, but Rob's strategy of going hard and fast and then slowing down is different and I for one think people should actually try to take this as a lesson rather than being so nasty.

As for how did I run 7 min miling with him I think if you check the video on my blog you will see my watch. I can run at 7 min pace for around 5k but not more. My local park's run in MK is a tough little run with a nice uphill to climb that won't kill you but it certainly slows you down. I have never said i'm the fastest runner. I can run at 6 min pace for around 2 miles but then i'm dying. I ran for around 2 miles trying to catch Rob at that pace and this is where I estimated his pace at being 5.30. I can only give an honest estimate and this is documented.

His domestique bike days seem to be with the team mentioned, it appears that the team was disbanded and I have no further information at this time but will report back if I get more.

Rob has confirmed to me in a voice message that he has a GPS watch on at all times so i hope this clarifies things. He also has a tracker on his shorts.

Dustin Brookes is doing lots of the driving and Michael Speicher is the other crew member.

ESPN and CCTV America have been filming constantly for the last 11-12 days.

Lots of other runners have joined Rob and can testify to distance and pace i'm sure.

I have seen email contact with the British Triathlon association about his achievements and will report back when I have more data. Their record are only from 2010. This is not a wonderful coincidence but fact. If you doubt it please feel free to contact the BTA yourselves and ask the question.

I have also seen email contact with Rob's mentor and old coach who should find more data to back up his achievements when he was younger.

I'm soooo sorry this isn't all instant and i'm appalled that so many take time to write dreadful comments about me and other people. I am not in Rob's van and am writing this in the UK. Maybe I should post a video of my typing things like this and posting it so all you conspiracy theorists can see that I am genuine.

I have no vested interest in this other than to put across some facts and truths and not just speculate and spread rumours and untruths.

Once again I encourage any of you to run with Rob. If you have never taken the time to do this how can you actually be so horrible with your comments.

For those people who have commented in a fair way i applaud you and If I am totally wrong about all of this I will be the first to apologise and say I was wrong. Having run with Rob I know I won't be doing this, how many of you can say the same?

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